TextWrangler Testimonials

I use TextWrangler with much delight, it’s easy to use and powerful, and when the coding environment is so easy to use, it just disappears from my focus, I just code, flawlessly.

Angelo Paglialonga
High ROI Vtiger CRM consultant

TextWrangler 2.1 is terrific, and a wonderful contribution to the Mac community. Thanks so much.

John Rethorst
Bellingham, Washington

“I was just reading the TextWrangler user manual. Not only is your program clean and focused, your user manual is comprehensive, well-written, clear and complete. And the program is free. Incredible standard you set.”

Jim Kornell
Santa Barbara CA

“TextWrangler makes life as a Mac using system administrator SO much easier. Opening files over SFTP is the killer feature for me!!!”

Tom Stec
Foreign Policy Magazine
Washington DC

“I’ve been using Macs since 1984, and don’t offer testimonials lightly. But TextWrangler is the best text editor I’ve ever used (and I imagine that’s only because I haven’t yet used BBEdit). TextWrangler has an addictive combination of simplicity and power: it makes satisfyingly short work of dealing with bulky text exports from databases for example, especially if you make use of its AppleScript capabilities. I applaud your gesture in making TextWrangler free, and hope you’re reaping the benefit in the number of impressed users migrating to BBEdit.”

David Entwistle
Wiltshire, UK

“I threw emacs off of my Mac today — after many long years of suffering through its limitations on the Mac platform, I installed TextWrangler and have not looked back. I use it as a sysadmin to run a heterogeneous network and no editor before TextWrangler has been able to work so effectively for me. Like everything else Mac, TextWrangler simply works — bravo! And the free part is unbelievable…I’ll be buying BBEdit as soon as I outgrow T’Wrangler.”

Carvel Baus
CSSI, Inc.

“At the lab, we needed to decode and separate Global Positioning System (GPS) data from a telemetry stream (ASCII formatted sentences). TextWrangler was an excellent tool. I actually did the job with the demo, but felt our Lab needed this product, so we purchased it.

At home, my wife’s business data needed to migrate from an ancient Windows-based Point Of Sale (POS) cash register/inventory system. I had the pleasure of assuring her I could transfer 2500 inventory items and 1200 customer records over to the totally unrelated system! I managed to “Wrangle” the files to insert tabs, copy columns, and even remove space characters in some areas while leaving them in others. The advantage of TextWrangler is it automated the modifications and processed all 2000 lines at once. Again, I used the demo, but am so pleased with the result that $50 seems like a minimal reward to you for this product. Thanks for being there!"

Robert Hull
The R. L. Golden Particle Astrophysics Laboratory
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces NM

[Editor’s note: The above testimonial was submitted prior to the decision to de-price TextWrangler, thus providing the Mac community with a powerful, feature rich and freely available text editor.]