Yojimbo Testimonials

I love Yojimbo. Anyone who doesn’t use it is a fool.

Guy Kawasaki
Garage Technology Ventures

I also have a lot of stuff in my Yojimbo library — close to 6000 items. Now searching is, well, I believe “wicked fast” is le mot juste. The new Spotlight integration is king of the new features. Coupled with the greatly improved Spotlight in Leopard, I can find just the things I’m looking for, and find them fast. I wasn’t sure what Bare Bones could do to make Yojimbo more perfect, but with version 1.5 they surprised me. :)

Kenneth Kirksey
Boone, NC

This software WILL CHANGE the way you bookmark web sites, log your passwords, store your serial numbers, track email receipts, maintain your web site log-in information, store your PDF documents, and more… you name it. If you know how to set up and use iTunes, then you will fly on Yojimbo. I especially like the wicked fast searches it can perform based on key words and categories… it’s very cool!

Doug Parry
Rack Attack Rentals

I was using Spotlight to search for a PDF article. I had forgotten where I had filed it. Bang! Spotlight found the PDF in Yojimbo, and when I selected it from Spotlight it fired up Yojimbo and there was the article. I know this is how it is supposed to work! But, that is what makes it so great — it does work! Thanks for creating such a time saver!

Samuel Gasster, PhD
Physicist/Systems Engineer/Software Developer
Pacific Palisades, CA

I’m a columnist at ESPN dealing with sports injuries. As you can imagine, my work is a muddle of notes, medical information, statistics, and databases. Until I discovered Yojimbo this summer, a week did not go by without losing some important piece of information or failing to make some connection that would have helped my readers. Yojimbo is more than software at this stage; it’s necessity. Thank you.

Will Carroll
Baseball Prospectus
ESPN.com Football

Life in the last week is way better than it was before Yojimbo.

Dave Hamilton
The Mac Observer

I love this programme, especially since the single licence covers multiple machines – so I can have it synced between my G5 and Powerbook, but only have to buy the one licence! I demoed it for about 10 minutes before paying money for it! I can only think of one other app I’ve bought that quickly.

Seb Duggan
Web Developer, UK

Yojimbo 1.0 is remarkably polished, and the simplicity is a virtue. I have tried other information organizers and by and large, they all had steep learning curves and a feature set to match Microsoft Office. Simple really can be better, and Yojimbo proves it. This is a great app and well worth the $39.00 purchase price.

Mike Silverman
Lawrence, Kansas

“HAAAIIIYYA!!!! Yojimbo kicks so much ass it makes me weep. This is THE program I was looking for. Others have tried to do what Yojimbo does, but all lack in execution. The idea of a program that manages all of that “miscellaneous random” information is nothing new, but aside from MS OneNote, there is no other program that even comes close to Yojimbo. Thanks for rocking my world."

Charles Hastings
Penn State