BBEdit Testimonials

“Over the years, I moved all my sites to the Wordpress platform; that’s why BBEdit has proven itself an invaluable ally when editing theme files. It doesn’t just support PHP syntax, but helps me with raw HTML tags as well. Being a developer, I especially
enjoy all the time-saving features that come built-in with the software!”

Vittorio Bosio
Easy Language Programmer

“My MacBook Pro crashed today. What amazed me was that eight hours later, I reopened BBEdit, my text editor. I knew that the latest version had a session restore feature. What I didn’t know, however, was that it restored all documents, including unsaved items. You should have seen my jaw drop. All my precious unsaved documents (and there are nine of them out of 53 open files) have been saved! I am pleased beyond measure.”

J.D. Roth

“I have used BBEdit since 2000 (v5), ever since I started this nonsense business of website development. I cannot tell you how valuable, professional, and totally indespensible your product is to me. But I can try.

I keep finding new super features that are essential time savers to me, e.g. code un/commenting in PHP. It took me a few minutes to realize that the program can determine whether the block mode is HTML or PHP and comment accordingly, which means that it is keeping track of that sort of thing, even in a complex module.

Thanks for your good work. Keep it up and keep it coming."

Don Gillespie
Lark & Owl Press, LLC

“As Bare Bones says right on their web site, ‘It doesn’t suck.’ That’s the understatement of the year. Basically, if you’re a web author and you’ve moved beyond drawing-program web design, you need BBEdit. It’s so indispensable that I’d seriously consider giving up my home Internet connection before I gave up BBEdit.”

Eric Meyer

I have been using BBEdit since the turn of the Millenium. I am self taught in HTML so that I can program my own pages. BBEdit has come through for me every time — not only saving tedious steps, but finding and correcting syntax errors in pages and scripts. My pages are just not right until run through the BBEdit mill. I have tried Dreamweaver, Front Page, GoLive, InDesign, AppleWorks, Word and other WYSIWYG applications and they just do not compare. I am so glad my Mac, BBEdit and its web authoring community are there for me.

Philip S.

“I suppose every Mac user has one primary application, be it a mail program, an outliner, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. For me, all roads lead to BBEdit.”

Michael Tsai
Publisher, ATPM

“The SVN integration in BBEdit 8.1 is slicker than whale snot. I love being able to use BBEdit’s Find Differences interface for comparing SVN revisions.”

Alex King

“As I was hacking away at a website this evening, watching BBEdit fly through hundreds of pages doing a complex find and replace, I was struck by the need to praise your efforts. If I ever run into you folks at a convention, I’ll buy ya’ beers till my wallet’s flat. You’ve earned every dime.”

“Awesome product.
Makes a difference.
Every damn day.”

M. Douglas Wray
Professional Web Developer

“BBEdit is ONE great text editing, code building, net-savvy, workhorse that’s updated more often than others are upgraded. I just installed 8.0.3 from 8.0.2 and the release notes read like a 2.0 to a 3.0! So when I’m asked by students, ’what’s the best app for coding HTML, PHP, Perl, Unix scripts, JavaScript; one with a solid CVS and FTP client fully integrated?’ I tell them choose carefully, look around, then buy BBEdit and use it everyday, until you know it like your right hand-use it even when you have no particular work, so you can experiment with the features for hours. Then feel the joy of working with an overflowing toolchest. With BBEdit, you’ll never feel naked when you work cross-platform, or when new OS’s, standards and file formats come along.”

Kenneth T. Davis
Los Angeles

“Your software is amazing. I’ve been using BBEdit since version 4, and as I watched it assemble a 156Mb web log file by inserting 31 text files into a new one, was reminded how much I take it for granted. Rock solid, amazingly versatile. Fantastic stuff.”

Greig Stewart
Montagu, South Africa

“I’m so excited I had to stop what I was doing and email you. I’ve been using BBEdit since it first came out and this new version 8.0 is by far the most extensive overhaul and improvement of the program!!!! Thanks for the continued work and effort!!!”

Dr. Linton Hutchinson
Licensure Exams, Inc.

“We just upgraded to BBEdit 8 here at The Seattle Times and it is freakin’ awesome. Two simple features that are great: multiple docs in one window, and highlighting the current row. Makes me life soooo much nicer. =) Nice job!”

Matthew Martin
Systems Architect,

“The improvements in BBEdit 8.0 are really terrific! Please give my personal regards to the development team for their excellent work. Others here where I work feel the same way. The company doesn’t pay for BBEdit, we use personal copies on the laptops that we carry to/from work. We would rather pay for and use BBEdit than the company-provided tools.”

David S.
Southern California

“In a perfect world, Microsoft would be out of business and companies that make powerful, intuitive, economical, user-friendly products like BBEdit would thrive. I have employed BBEdit to create and maintain all the text on my personal website since the mid-‘90s, and I use the software dozens of times each day to ’zap gremlins’ from online texts. Being a non-geek, I’m not even sure what zapping gremlins entails, but the software does just what I want it to with no hangups or hassles. If Bare Bones Software made a general-purpose word-processing program that worked as well as BBEdit, I’d trash Word tomorrow and open a bottle of champagne. BBEdit is an example of what software should be.”

Steve Silberman
Wired Magazine

“I knew BBEdit was the only true editing environment for XHTML and CSS; what I didn’t know is: it’s an absolute titan when working with PHP and Perl. Unix, too. The seamless integration with OS X’s own native Perl and Unix environments is simply jaw dropping, and cleanly shaves away redundant processes hand over fist. Why everyone and their mothers haven’t already purchased this essential toolset, I haven’t the foggiest clue; it’s the one text editor that every Mac user needs in their application folder.”

SM Korzdorfer

“Just wanted to simply say, ‘thank you’ to Bare Bones Software for the BBEdit tool. I have used it for years, and it is still the best editing tool that I have used for web and general editing. I am just getting into XML, and features such as Glossary and Close Current Tag are invaluable. The multi-slot Clipboard is another fantastic feature.

Great work :-) "

Neil Taylor
Software Consultant, UK

“I began using BBEdit in 1993 (version 3!) as a student (the first software I ever bought!). It is increasingly difficult to stop it from taking over just about everything I do – except email, for which there is Mailsmith.

“This is the latest example: after writing my PhD (published by Cambridge University Press in the UK) in BBEdit, I am now transcribing interviews. It’s a doddle in BBEdit. The interview plays in Quicktime in the background. I stop, start and rewind the audio by using Applescripts in BBEdit that are attached to function keys. F1, start typing, fall behind, hit F2 to pause, or (even cooler) F4 to rewind 4 seconds and start again. It’s even easier than using a foot pedal. Now maybe you could do this in another program but how easy can it get? Three simple scripts, slap a keystroke on them and you’re away. Thanks everyone.”

Jason Davies

“I recently edited HTML code for about 12,000 something health documents to prep them for PHP-based web development. The functions in BBEdit literally shaved weeks off of the time it would have taken to process them manually (visually). I use GoLive for visual processing, but nothing in this world beats BBEdit’s features and capabilities when it comes to true code work. I instinctively open it whenever I open a project in Adobe GoLive. It’s the Swiss Army knife of developer apps, and should be a standard install for any system geared for code development. Thanks a million! BBEdit was worth about $10,000 to me on that project alone!”

Jay Miller
McNabb Kelley & Barre

“I just wanted to say that although I have used BBEdit for years I didn’t really see the incredible value until this last week when having to fix a massive problem of importing a text file where someone was posting 3 different form posts into one file with untold amounts of records since 1999. Splitting the great magnitude of records into something manageable in MySQL was a headache waiting to happen. With BBEdit I was able to accomplish it with grep pattern matching, and some quick thinking, within only 3 days instead of what would have taken months to fix. Thanks! You are a lifesaver.”

Andrew T. A. Kochie
Riverstone Media

“I never do this but thought I would let you know how happy the latest version of BBEdit has made me. I have been using it since 3.0 or so and always grudgingly upgrade thinking, ‘how much can you upgrade a text editor?’

“This last bonus, free release redefined your product. The ability to use ssh or sftp to change text files is basically the most awesome feature of any app I have used under Mac OS X. It solves so many problems involved with having to open the terminal and ssh in, then launch pico and then forgetting that I needed to sudo the command and then redo the changes. Thank You for a fantastic feature.”

Jim Mooney

“I’m always amazed at the fact that this tool has so many great features AND performs with such incredible speed, especially when working on large files or performing batch operations on a folder full of hundreds or even thousands of files. While other programs blow up at the size of a huge file or bog down when grinding through operations, BBEdit doesn’t even flinch, and never has. Since the Beta Mosiac days, I’ve used BBEdit every working day from the time of your humble beginnings. And it just keeps getting better with every new release.”

Dennis Sinacola
Webb & Flo, Inc.

“This is something I rarely do, but I couldn’t contain myself: THANK YOU for SFTP support in the 7.1 upgrade! This, to me and a lot of developers I know, is by far the best option you’ve added since the unix integration of the 1st OS X version. It sounds nuts, but I think this hyped me up more than panther itself (had been waiting for this for years!). Congratulations, and keep up the GREAT work!”

Stephane Daury
McGill University
Web Communications Group

“I’ve always admired products whose mission seems to be ‘do something well, then do it better.’ BBEdit doesn’t try to be all things to all people, but it offers best-of-class features and unapologetic power, and simply keeps getting better over time.”

Geoff Duncan
TidBITS Technical Editor
August 2000

“BBEdit is a great editing tool. In Salon’s early days we built the entire site with it, and it’s still the Macintosh program of choice that our designers use when they need to work with HTML source.”

Scott Rosenberg managing editor
August 2000

“If you’re serious about designing web pages on the Mac, this is a must-have application. Its toolset is superb, its search facilities make it a dream for anyone dealing with large quantities of files, and the context-sensitive tag maker will save time for everyone.”

MacUser [UK]
January 1999

“I am working late on a massive fire-fighting exercise for a client, and I just had to take a second to express the thought that keeps running through my mind: I get down on my knees every […] day and thank god for BBEdit!! I just couldn’t do what I do without it.”

Bruce Linde

“I recently bought 3 copies of BBEdit for my web design company and I just wanted to take the time to say how great the program is. I use the program every day and I’m continually blown away by the intelligent interface, the power user features such as the grep, search and replace across multiple files, the syntax coloring, the FTP open and save, the configurability, OpenDoc, Internet Config, everything. Every time I think of something I’d like to see added to the program, I discover that it’s already there. You guys really thought of everything! When I use other programs for word processing, I find myself wishing for the features that BBEdit has. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a big fan of Nisus Writer, but it’s hard to top your software. […] Everybody here feels the same way. We bow down before you geniuses!”

Chris Varosy

“Hey Bare Bones! I just received BBEdit and I have to tell you … it is the BEST! It is to text what Photoshop is to pixels! I have been using various versions of BBEdit Lite for a number of years now, and there’s no doubt … it is the finest editor available for no money. For the added functionality of the full version, the price could be 3 times what you charge (I’m NOT complaining). … I just wanted you to know … yet another 110% satisfied customer.”

Andrew Miller
Thomson & Thomson Interactive Media