BBEdit Testimonials

We say: “It doesn't suck.®” Here's what some of our devoted customers say:

  • Charlie Garrison     Senior Perl Guru

    What do you do? I write amazing web apps.

    When did you start using BBEdit? In the 1990s, I think - it's one of the very few tools I'm still using decades later.

    What do you make? How does BBEdit help? I make websites that make people's jobs (or lives) easier.

    BBEdit gives me confidence that I can always get the job done.

    What's your favorite project that BBEdit has helped bring to life? ClubTime. It's a site for clubs to run different types of sporting events.

    Which feature is your favorite? Sheer raw power and flexibility, which gives me confidence I can always get the job done, especially in cases where I've seen lesser editors buckle and cry.