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  • BBEdit Downloads – Keep your installation up to date with the latest improvements and fixes for reported problems. Note: If you purchased BBEdit from the Mac App Store, please use the “App Store” application to reinstall BBEdit.

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  • User Manual – BBEdit’s PDF manual provides a complete reference to all its commands and options. You can download the manual now, or open it from within BBEdit at any time by choosing “User Manual” from the Help menu.
  • Expert Preferences reference – A guide to super secret undocumented settings that you can use to further customize application behavior.
  • Technical Notes – Miscellaneous notes relating to various (arcane and otherwise) aspects of BBEdit’s operation.

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Other Resources

  • Instructional Videos – Our YouTube channel contains a collection of short videos that demonstrate special features or techniques.
  • Clippings Library – Download useful clippings sets, or get the updated factory default clippings from the latest version of BBEdit.
  • Developer Information – Documentation on how to implement an “Edit in BBEdit” command in your own application, or how to produce language modules for use with BBEdit.
  • Bare Bones Bookshelf – A compilation of books which we have found useful. Covers everything from HTML to Perl to AppleScript to Macintosh programming.
  • BBEdit Extras wiki – Lots of useful tips, scripts, color schemes, and more. (This is a community-maintained resource, and is not an official publication of Bare Bones Software.)

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Contacting Technical Support

Technical support is only available via email; we’re sorry, but we can’t offer telephone or on-site support. Just send a message to using your favorite email client, or fill out our handy support contact form.

(Please note: Although we do our best to respond quickly, we cannot guarantee that messages received outside of business hours will be addressed before the next business day.)

Any email you send us is protected by our privacy policy.

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