BBEdit 12.1.5 Release Notes

BBEdit 12.1.5 contains fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 12, please see its release notes.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).

Release notes for previous versions may be found here.


BBEdit 12.1.5 requires Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later, and is compatible with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra".

If you are using macOS 10.13 "High Sierra", please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version (10.13.6 or later).


  • This update does not contain any new features.


  • Deactivated the Kite support.

  • When using "Go to Line", you can use it to jump to an absolute character offset instead, by using the line:column syntax but leaving the line blank or specifying it as zero. For example: entering 0:1500 or :1500 will place the insertion point before the 1500th character in the document. (The range syntax works too; so you could use 0:12-0:56 to select characters 12 through 56.)

  • When scanning folders for various purposes (multi-file search, Find Differences, text factories, Open File by Name, and others), BBEdit will no longer explore node_modules directories that it encounters.

    If you want BBEdit to search node_modules directories:

    `defaults write com.barebones.bbedit SkipNodeModulesWhenScanningFolders -bool NO`


  • Fixed bug in which the "Insert Clipping" panel would crash when double-clicking in the blank space of the list.

  • Fixed bug in which the Setext (yes, Setext) language module didn't properly generate function menu entries or folds for sections.

  • Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the progress panel to be left behind after connecting to an FTP server, if it took long enough.

  • Fixed bug in which overlapping progress boxes could appear when connecting to an FTP/SFTP server, either in the FTP/SFTP browser window or in the "Save to FTP/SFTP Server" panel.

  • Fixed bug in which quitting the application would clear any text that had been placed on the Clipboard.

  • Fixed bug in which Perl functions with parameterized attributes would not appear in the function menu.

  • If the AllowSingleClickLineSelection expert preference is turned off, clicking in the "dead space" between the left side of a line and the gutter (or line bar, if the gutter is hidden) or left edge of the window (if the gutter and line bar are hidden) will now place the insertion point at the beginning of the indicated line, rather than doing nothing.

  • Fixed bug in which the completion panel would continue to operate after having explicitly accepted a completion that happened to be a prefix for one or more other completions. (This was most likely to happen with dictionary words.)

  • Fixed regression in which some forms of heredoc were not properly scanned by the Unix Shell Script (and shell worksheet) coloring mechanics.

  • Fixed various misbehaviors that would occur during Japanese (and other non-roman) text entry.

  • Fixed a bug in which certain menu commands were inappropriately enabled when the active window was not a document window.

  • Made changes to fix some appearance glitches when running in dark mode on pre-release versions of macOS Mojave. (This does not constitute any kind of announcement of compatibility with or support for the new OS version, which is not in general release until this fall.)

  • Fixed bug in which decimal version numbers for #! guessed languages (e.g. #!/usr/bin/env perl5.22) would confuse the guesser.

  • Fixed bug in which Control-S and Control-R while keyboard focus was in the Live Search box did not perform an appropriate forward or reverse search.

  • Removed colon (:) from the list of characters considered a "quote characters" for line prefixing when wrapping text via the "Hard Wrap" command.

  • Made a change to (slightly) reduce the on-disk size of the BBEdit disk image.

  • Fixed bug in which keyboard focus rings and Tab key navigation didn't work correctly in the "Replace All" options sheet for text factories.

  • Fixed bug in which the alert window for "wrap around" and "not found" and other related indications would flash briefly to a black background before animating out.

  • Fixed bug in which a column-articulated "Go to Line" (e.g. "5:88") would place the insertion point on the wrong side of the requested column (it should have been before the indicated column, not after). This also fixes a misbehavior in which specifying a column after the end of the line would place the insertion point before the last character on the line, rather than after (as was the intended behavior).

  • Fixed bug in which the alternative form of "Go to Line", which used the selection range as a specification, did not support the expanded syntax. So you can now select something, and if it looks like a specification of line:column or any of the other forms supported for "Go to Line", BBEdit will now operate on it as expected.

  • Fixed a bug in which quick-dragging actions in a text factory (click and begin a drag without waiting for the item to highlight) would cause the dragged item(s) to be duplicated in the list, rather than moved.

  • Fixed a couple of layout glitches in the "Replace All" options panel for text factories.

  • When dragging text from an editing view, any custom highlighting (diff ranges, Live Search highlights, etc) is now hidden.

  • Fixed a bug in which entering a serial number for an older version of BBEdit in the "Enter License" panel would report an invalid serial number, when it should have reported that the serial number was for an older version.

  • Fixed a bug in which using the "Open" menu command to open a file from a directory (with a file already open) would create a situation on macOS 10.13 in which subsequently trying to save a file to that same location would fail with a 100020 error. (This was pretty obscure, but could happen more frequently with certain usage patterns which involved opening multiple files from the same location, one at a time.)