BBEdit 12.6.4 Release Notes

BBEdit 12.6.4 contains fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 12, please see the release notes for BBEdit 12.6, BBEdit 12.5, BBEdit 12.1, and BBEdit 12.0, or browse the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).

Important: Please make sure that you have read the BBEdit 12.6 change notes, as there are significant changes from previous versions.


BBEdit 12.6 requires Mac OS X 10.12.6 or later, and is compatible with macOS 10.14 "Mojave".

If you are using macOS 10.13 "High Sierra", please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version (10.13.6 or later).

If you are using macOS 10.14 "Mojave", please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version (10.14.5 or later).


  • Made a change to reduce the chance of a crash occurring when generating sub-line differences results in a Find Differences window.

  • Fixed bug in which the Menus & Shortcuts preferences UI allowed you to hide the "Close Document" command, which usually ended badly. (Among other things, Command-W would fail to actuate "Close Window").

  • Made a change to eliminate application stalls which would occur when saving crash recovery state for documents that were open on spinning disks which had gone to sleep.

  • Added an AppleEvent entitlement so that BBEdit can send document-saved and document-closed notifications to the Mac App Store version of Transmit, in order for the latter's "Edit in BBEdit" feature to work correctly.

  • Made a change so that the "Add" command on the Subversion menu is enabled when a document is in a Subversion working copy, but has not yet been added to the repository.

  • Made a change to work around the presence of an ancient legacy font setting whose presence (and incorrect value) can cause all kinds of unwanted side effects such as inconsistent character spacing, shifting text when clicking on a line, and mismatches between where the click lands and what actually gets selected.

  • When moving autosave data to the trash while creating fresh autosave data, made a change so that if the trash was empty before, it'll continue to appear so in the Dock for the duration of the operation.

  • Made a change so that items in application support folders for folder-backed menus (Scripts, Clippings, Stationery, Text Filters) which are aliases or symlinks to folders will appear on the menu as the name of the symlink, rather than the name of the target. This fixes a crash when trying to use "Save as Clipping" when two or more symlinks pointed to the same target folder; but also helps ensure a consistent presentation between the UI and what's on disk.

  • Added simple color support for backtick strings in JavaScript code.

  • Restored the ability to open items on folder-backed menus (clippings, scripts, text filters, stationery) by holding down the Option key while choosing the item's menu command. (As a reminder: Shift while choosing the item's menu command will reveal it using the Finder.)

  • Added a more descriptive error message for name lookup (DNS) failures when connecting via FTP.

  • Made a change in Mac App Store builds to work around a store issue in which customers in some regions were prompted to log in to the app store each time BBEdit started up.

  • Fixed a bug in which cancelling a process in a Shell Worksheet would crash the worksheet service (leaving the application hanging) if the process being cancelled had subprocesses.

  • Fixed bug in which using "Open in Additional Window" on a text document would clear its Undo state, in situations where the document was not already open in two or more windows.

  • Fixed bug in which Canonize would not correctly interpret non-ASCII characters in the canon table unless the table's file was already open in another editing view.

  • Made a change to prevent the "x" widgets in sidebars from getting stuck in the "hover" state, in situations where the mouse was rapidly moved from the widget to some other part of the window (other than the sidebar).

  • Fixed a bug in which items dragged from a disk browser's sidebar would appear to "slide" from the sidebar's top left corner at the beginning of the drag.

  • Made a change so that legacy filters which included a leading period for "file name extension" terms will (once again) correctly match the file name extension.

  • Fixed bug in which command-line tool installation would fail in cases where the tools had previously been installed. This would typically happen after moving the application.

  • Fixed a bug in the JavaScript color scanner in which it would fail to recognize delimited strings which were immediately preceded by an identifier without any intervening whitespace or other punctuation.

  • Added __contravariant and __covariant to the Objective-C/Objective-C++ keyword list.

  • Made a change so that file filtering for executable text files is more strict than before, so that if (for example) you dump a README in the Scripts folder, it won't appear in the menu.

  • Updated the cmark tool used to generate previews for Markdown documents. (As a reminder: you can use an alternative Markdown converter if you wish; see the "Applying Preview Filters" section in Chapter 11 of the user manual.)

  • Made a change to the file-resolution mechanics in project documents, so that a project will always attempt to resolve a relative reference before trying the stored bookmark. This ensures an accurate result in situations such as Git branch switches, where the bookmark would return a correct but undesired value.

  • Fixed a bug in which changes to the name of the root folder in an instaproject were not reflected in the sidebar list.

  • When running a Python script, if python3 is anywhere in your $PATH, BBEdit will use it instead of python. While this is generally useful in a teaching environment, if you are using a custom Python installation (such as Anaconda), it may prove inconvenient. In that case, disabling automatic use of python3 will help:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit RunUsingPython3 -bool NO

  • Added an expert preference to control whether BBEdit uses flake8 when choosing "Check Syntax" for a Python document. If you would prefer to use Python's built-in syntax checking, you can do so:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit UseFlakeForPythonSyntaxChecking -bool NO

  • When updating the contents of the "Open Recent" menu, if BBEdit sees that the global "Recent Items" setting in the General system preferences is "None", it will also clear the list that the OS uses to update the recent items menus in the Dock and the Apple menu.

  • Made a change to significantly reduce the time required to load ASCII files. This will be most noticeable on very large files.

  • Made a change to improve the performance of some operations which involved examining large quantities of text to determine the number of line breaks.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Ruby function scanner didn't correctly identify the various types of callouts on the function menu. #MARK: is now also correctly identified.