BBEdit 15.0.1 Release Notes

BBEdit 15.0.1 contains fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 15, please see the release notes for BBEdit 15.0.

Because BBEdit 15 builds on features that were added during the BBEdit 14 cycle (as well as previous versions), please take a few moments to browse the release notes archive and review the release notes for any versions that you may not have seen.

To get a high-level overview of what's new in BBEdit 15, with screen shots, see the What's New in BBEdit 15 page.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).

Important: Please make sure that you have read the BBEdit 15.0 change notes, as there are significant changes from previous versions.


BBEdit 15 requires Mac OS X 11.0 or later.

For whichever version of macOS you are using, please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version.

This is particularly important in the case of macOS Sonoma (14.x), which contains bugs and regressions that affect BBEdit's operation.


If you have been using any previous version of BBEdit in Free Mode, starting BBEdit 15.0 will reset your 30-day evaluation period, so that you can have a full trial of the new features.

If you have previously purchased a license from us for BBEdit 14 or older, you will have a full 30-day evaluation period in which to try out BBEdit 15's new features. License upgrades are available at a discount for existing customers, and some customers may be eligible for a free upgrade (based on date of purchase). Please see the BBEdit upgrades page for information and instructions.


  • When copying text from a ChatGPT worksheet, BBEdit will remove leading Markdown quotes from quoted responses. This is done only for non-rectangular selections when the worksheet's language is set to "Markdown", and when the selected range of text starts in a quoted section.

    If desired, this behavior can be suppressed with an expert preference:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit AIWorksheetStripQuotesWhenCopying -bool NO

  • The ChatGPT worksheet preferences add a provision for entering the API key. (The worksheet itself will still prompt for the API key the first time you send a query, if necessary.)

  • The worksheet "Send Command" worksheet is available now as an explicit command on the Edit menu. If you are confused by the distinctions between the Return and Enter keys, and using the factory default keyboard equivalent (ctl-Return or Enter) for "Send Command" doesn't work for you, this may help.

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  • Fixed bug in which local HTML data piped to bbedit --preview generated a blank Preview in BBEdit window.

  • Made a change to work around a macOS security behavior that would cause the OS to "touch" files in certain locations when opened.

  • Fixed internal exception (and subsequent crash) which would occur when using the LSP "Find Symbol in Workspace" command from the contextual menu.

  • Fixed bug in which the "Cut Line" and "Copy Line" commands got executed twice when invoking the menu command (or keyboard equivalent).

  • Removed the "Python Default Interpreter" setting from the list in the Expert Preferences, because there's an explicit GUI setting for it already (via the custom settings list in the Languages preferences).

  • Fixed bug in which the link addressing mode setting was not properly saved and restored when loading a project. In benign cases this led to problems setting the indicators correctly; in some cases this caused a runtime exception.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when updating the navigation UI while displaying notes with certain titles.

  • Fixed bug in which starting to drag a text factory operation from the list would mark the document as having unsaved changes, even if the drag was abandoned.

  • Fixed bug in which using "Move to New Window" or "Open in Additional Window" for a text factory document would result in an empty list of operations in the resulting window. (The document was not actually modified, but it looked like it had been.)

  • Fixed bug in which the Replace cheat sheet button in the Multi-File Search window displayed the same keyboard equivalent as the Grep cheat sheet button; and (coincidentally) neither Replace cheat sheet button responded to a configured keyboard equivalent.

  • Corrected appearance of the close widgets in the Windows palette when using dark mode.

  • Worked around WebKit bug on macOS 14 (FB13534686) which would cause a crash when closing a "Preview in BBEdit" window while the web inspector was open in the window.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when the C-family language scanner was (ab)used with log files.

  • Fixed regression in which file filters which tested the Finder lock or a file's visibility status would erroneously report an error and fail to match eligible files.

  • Corrected out-of-date information in the help book, and added a section for ChatGPT worksheets.

  • Fixed bug which prevented the automatic creation of a new document when making the application active via the Dock (subject to the preference setting).

  • Corrected the minimum width of the minimap window, so that clicking the green zoom button behaves predictably.

  • Fixed bug in which multi-file "Extract" operations didn't perform Grep replace pattern substitutions correctly.

  • Fixed bug in which certain malformations in syntax-colored documents (as might happen while editing) would cause the minimap to hang or crash when updating, either during editing or across a switch to such a document.

  • Relaxed the stricture on Markdown underscore recognition to allow line breaks and punctuation to precede an underscore.

  • Fixed bug in which clicking in the "Chat Worksheet" item in a project's "Worksheets and Scratchpads" section did not select it, as was intended.

  • Addressed a performance regression with CJKV input.

  • Fixed regression in which Extract skipped immediately adjacent pattern matches.

  • Fixed bug in the Lisp scanner in which it didn't correctly handle backslash-escaped double quotes.

  • Fixed bug in which BBEDIT_PROJECT_WORKSPACE_ROOT was not set as intended when running #! scripts with a project open.

  • AX: opening the contextual menu via VO+Shift+M should now operate as desired.

  • AX: corrected accessibility labeling of the search and replace fields in the Find and Multi-File Search windows.

  • AX: added labels to elements in the Pattern Playground window.

  • Cleaned up the tab order in the various panes of the Preferences window.

  • When reducing the magnification setting, reduce the font size of the line number display as appropriate. (At a certain point they become illegibly small, and using the Minimap is probably a better option.)

  • Fixed crash during site deployment.

  • Fixed bug in which the -w/--warnings-default option for bbresults(1) generated errors rather than warnings.

  • Corrected appearance of text in edit fields in "Run Unix Command" and some other panels when using a dark system appearance.

  • Untitled documents created "clean" by "Run Unix Command" and other operations are eligible for crash recovery and will be reopened when the application is restarted, if they were open when the application was quit.

  • Fixed internal exception which would occur when closing an instaproject after the folder behind it had been deleted, and one or more language servers were running.

  • Fixed bug in which the block cursor was invisible on empty lines.

  • Fixed bug in which the minimap did not render spaces correctly.

  • Fixed intermittent crash when using the contextual menu in results windows.

  • Made a change to LSP workspace detection so that it never returns the current user's home directory as a workspace root. (Most servers can't handle this, and they try to scan the entire home directory, which in turn trips file access alarms and OS permissions errors.)

  • When restoring selected locations for Multi-File Search and other operations, BBEdit will not ask the OS to remount unmounted volumes. This resolves semi-infinite OS stalls when the location is on an unmounted remote file server.

  • Fixed bug in which the "Remove Line Breaks" text factory operation was incorrectly flagged as requiring configuration, which prevented factories that used it from running.

  • Fixed bug in the "Text Merge" panel, in which the path button to the left of the entry field didn't open a file panel as intended.

  • Made a change so that when reopening a project with no documents open in it, the "No Editor" placeholder is visible rather than the project settings.

  • Adjusted entitlements in the app store build to improve discovery of command-line tools installed by Homebrew.

  • Fixed error when opening an FTP/SFTP URL using the "Open Recent" panel. (And corrected the display of such in the list.)

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