BBEdit 15.0.2 Release Notes

BBEdit 15.0.2 contains fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 15, please see the release notes for BBEdit 15.0.

Because BBEdit 15 builds on features that were added during the BBEdit 14 cycle (as well as previous versions), please take a few moments to browse the release notes archive and review the release notes for any versions that you may not have seen.

To get a high-level overview of what's new in BBEdit 15, with screen shots, see the What's New in BBEdit 15 page.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).

Important: Please make sure that you have read the BBEdit 15.0 change notes, as there are significant changes from previous versions.


BBEdit 15 requires Mac OS X 11.0 or later.

For whichever version of macOS you are using, please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version.

This is particularly important in the case of macOS Sonoma (14.x), which contains bugs and regressions that affect BBEdit's operation.


If you have been using any previous version of BBEdit in Free Mode, starting BBEdit 15.0 will reset your 30-day evaluation period, so that you can have a full trial of the new features.

If you have previously purchased a license from us for BBEdit 14 or older, you will have a full 30-day evaluation period in which to try out BBEdit 15's new features. License upgrades are available at a discount for existing customers, and some customers may be eligible for a free upgrade (based on date of purchase). Please see the BBEdit upgrades page for information and instructions.


  • When double-clicking on a variable in PHP code, the entire variable name is selected, including the delimiter. If desired, the previous behavior can be restored with an expert preference:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit DoubleClickSelectsVariables_PHP -bool NO

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  • Worked around unexpected macOS behavior in which "Bring All to Front" would cause the front window to become inactive.

  • Fixed bug in which the Lua language module didn't correctly handle strings which used \z to escape interstitial whitespace and line breaks.

  • Added the function keyword to the Lua keyword list.

  • AX: corrected tab order in the cursor position display popover.

  • AX: corrected accessibility title of the cursor position display, so that it reports the current cursor position (line and column).

  • AX: Corrected labeling in the Pattern Playground window for improved VoiceOver annotation.

  • AX: Set an accessible label for the #! (shebang) menu, so that VoiceOver narrates something halfway useful.

  • Fixed bug in which Search menu commands weren't targeted correctly when the Live Search view was open and focused.

  • Adjusted the configuration for Solargraph (the default Ruby language server) to request diagnostics from the server.

  • Automatic workspace detection will recognize .solargraph.yml as a Ruby project workspace root, in the absence of a Rakefile.

  • Moved the "AIWorksheetStripQuotesWhenCopying" over to expert preferences so that it appears in the list there.

  • "Open Selection" will remove quotes and surrounding a selected text before attempting to use the selection to locate a file.

  • Made a change to the Grep search mechanics so that they will copy the text of captured ranges immediately when a match is found during an interactive search. This ensures correctness of substitutions in case the document is edited between when the search is made and when the replacement is applied.

  • Changes to guard against stale cursor display when switching between preference panes.

  • AX: When VoiceOver is active, "Balance while Typing" will no longer manipulate the selection range when you type a closing delimiter, and the FlashBalancePointsWhenNavigating expert preference (which is on by default) does not do so. This resolves confusing narration behavior in typing and right-arrow keyboard navigation over balanceable delimiters.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when opening the Find or Multi-File Search windows with the Jump Points palette open.

  • Fixed bug in which the source summary in a new text factory didn't update as sources were changed.

  • Modified the description of the "Process Lines Containing" text factory operation to avoid using the word "Copy", which might be taken to imply a clipboard operation where none exists.

  • Added :first-child to the list of CSS functions, thus correcting its color.

  • Fixed bug in which manual path entry in the working copy chooser (for git and svn) didn't actually update the selected path.

  • If an error occurs while fetching Subversion revisions for the menu in the navigation bar, avoid bringing up the Subversion log at that point (which only interrupts the process and misdirects the comparison if an item gets chosen).

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when certain file system changes took place while a disk browser was open and displaying items from the affected directory(ies).

  • Fixed -50 error which would occur when using the "Append to BBEdit Scratchpad" service and the application was not running, and the "Scratchpad" document was the only document left open when previously quitting the application.

  • Corrected syntax checker reporting for use of in attribute in HTML5 documents.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when using Ctl-C with Emacs keyboard emulation and the status window enabled.

  • Made a change to prevent misbehavior when enumerating a project and the same directory appeared multiple times at the top level.

  • AX: VO-M works when focus is in the sidebar, to open the contextual menu.

  • Fixed error reported when trying to run a text factory containing a "Normalize Spaces" step.

  • Fixed bug in which Markdown images and links with empty descriptions (or alt text) weren't colored.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when using the Functions palette with certain languages, and a callout appeared at the very beginning of the file.

  • Fixed bug in which leaving the path field blank when connecting in an FTP/SFTP panel would cause BBEdit to attempt to change the working directory to "/", rather than the default login directory (whether $HOME or otherwise).

  • Fixed bug in which changing the media type setting in a live preview window didn't tell the web view, so there was no visible difference in documents with applicable @media CSS directives.

  • Fixed bug in which the commands after "Lorem Ipsum" on the Edit/Insert menu weren't available in Free Mode.

  • Added a couple of missing entries to the default format profile; and when pretty printing an HTML5 file, any elements missing from the profile are treated similarly to <div>.

  • Made a change so that "endless" Ruby methods don't confuse the function scanner.

  • Fixed garbage text that would sometimes occur when using Replace All via AppleScript on a subset of the document's text.

  • Fixed a memory leak when parsing Markdown documentation returned by language servers for display in the completion and parameter/symbol help panels.

  • Fixed bug in which choosing "Other" from the text encoding menu in the status bar would present the encoding panel twice.

  • Fixed regression in which opening the Find window (after it had previously been closed) did not place it in the Space containing the active document window.

  • Fixed bug in which Tab-key navigation in the fields of the project settings view cycled through the fields in the wrong order.

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