EditorConfig Support in BBEdit 11

Beginning with BBEdit 11.1, support for EditorConfig is built in to BBEdit. This document does not attempt to educate about EditorConfig basics; those are thoroughly covered on the EditorConfig web site. However, there are some variances from the core in BBEdit's support, and those are documented here.

Relationship of EditorConfig to application settings and document state

EditorConfig settings, if present, will always override any application settings (including language-specific settings) or document state. This is as it should be, since the goal of EditorConfig is to help ensure consistency of document settings within a project.

Core property support

BBEdit supports most of the core EditorConfig properties listed here. The end_of_line property is not supported; nor is max_line_length.

Emacs-derived properties

In addition to the core EditorConfig properties, there are some BBEdit-specific additions. First, BBEdit supports the following keys originating in Emacs:

BBEdit-specific properties

Finally, there are some keys which are explicitly BBEdit-specific. All of these keys have names that begin with x- in order to prevent collisions with any future core keys. These correspond directly to individual document settings. As noted above, any of these keys will override the global preferences or document state.

Unless otherwise noted, these application-specific keys are all Boolean flags.