TextWrangler 4.0.1 Release Notes

TextWrangler 4.0.1 is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the feature enhancements and changes in TextWrangler 4, please see its release notes.

For detailed information on using any of TextWrangler's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from TextWrangler's Help menu).


TextWrangler 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later (10.6.8 or later recommended).

PowerPC-based Macs are not supported.

Additions & Changes

  • TextWrangler 4.0.1 contains no new features, nor changes to existing features.


  • Fixed an internal error that generated lots of console noise when starting a multi-file search.

  • Fixed a bug in which the Multi-File Search window did too much work in situations where documents were being opened (or closed) at high frequency.

  • Fixed bug in which changing the Soft Wrap Text settings (Page Guide/Window Width/Character Width) in per-language preferences would set them to the wrong value.

  • Fixed bug in which password changes (for items already stored in the keychain) were not saved when they should have been.

  • Fixed a bug in which Replace All operations consumed far more memory than was appropriate, which in turn would contribute to prematurely running out of memory while processing a large quantity of files.

  • Fixed bug in which the application didn't accept public.url or public.file-url data types via the Services interface, even though it claimed it did so.

  • Added a few more types to the list of things that TextWrangler recognizes as text documents.

  • Made a change to avoid tickling a bug on 10.6.x which could cause stalls or a crash while saving file references (such as for recent items, and a few other internal uses).

  • Fixed crash which would occur when cancelling a download of the user manual.

  • Fixed a bug in which opening (by pulling down) the Open Recent menu would mount remote volumes or disk images when it was really not necessary. That work is now deferred until you actually choose an item from the menu.

  • Fixed internal exception and subsequent crash which would occur when trying to save a Grep pattern (via the Setup window) with an empty field.

  • Fixed bug in which a now-unused preference from an old version would cause the toolbar to remain visible, even when all of the gating preferences were turned off in the Appearance prefs.

  • Fixed a bug in which file locators (used in projects and other places) would inappropriately carry over a legacy-format alias record.

  • Fixed a bug in which folders in project windows would sometimes refuse to twist open after opening the project.

  • When considering dropped files for insertion, the application will now inspect their contents in cases in which the file metadata doesn't indicate that it's a text file.

  • Fixed bug in which "Replace All" or "Replace to End" would fail in cases where the most recent direct search from the Find window was a "Find Previous", and there were no matches between the start of the selection range and the beginning of the document.

  • Fixed bug in which some TextWrangler preferences were not migrated from previous versions when they should have been.

  • Fixed bug in which New (with Clipboard) incorrectly forced the document's language to (none) and thus interfered with automatic language guessing.

  • Fixed bug in which the esq-q Emacs keybinding brought up the Hard Wrap options sheet, instead of just doing it.

  • Fixed a pair of bugs that conspired to mangle windows located on a display which got disconnected; typically they would end up back on the main display, but at an unusably tiny size.

  • Armorplated the suspected site of a nonreproducible crash.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when decoding AppleDouble files from within Zip archives, and the file was missing an entry for the resource fork.

  • Fixed bug in which using the "Close" contextual menu to save and close multiple documents would result in the documents being neither saved nor closed.

  • Fixed bug in which the file type filter setting was not correctly retained when closing and reopening a project. Along the way, cleaned up some glitches in the file filter menu.

  • Added some missing search keywords for items in the Application preferences.

  • Added comment strings to the Verilog and VHDL language modules.

  • Fixed a crash when starting up with items in our Startup Items folder and DragThing running.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when using a service to open items while DragThing was running (and in a couple of other situations).