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BBEdit’s Web Development Features

In addition to its wide range of features for preparing and editing text content, BBEdit provide numerous commands and options to facilitate Web content creation and site management.
(Note: All of the features listed here are exclusive to BBEdit, and are not present in TextWrangler.)

  • Complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup. Supports current standards including HTML 5, HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 1.1
  • Comprehensive HTML Entities palette for adding special characters to your HTML
  • Context-sensitive tag and attribute editing helps you write correct HTML markup
  • Create links and place images by dragging and dropping files into a document
  • Apply HTML markup from contextual menus or by drag and drop from HTML Tools palette
  • Code Folding lets you hide sections of code you’re not working on, for easier readability and navigation
  • Close Current Tag command speeds and simplifies HTML tag creation and editing
  • Powerful include and placeholder options for easier site maintenance
  • Preview in any browser, or all running browsers
  • “Preview in BBEdit” command to preview your HTML, Markdown, and Textile code under construction. Automatically updates as the code is changed! You can also use a local preview server for preview of code generated by PHP, Perl, includes and so on; and select alternative page templates and CSS when previewing document fragments
  • Use the WebKit Inspector in BBEdit preview windows for advanced runtime introspection of web pages, scripts, remote assets, and more
  • Auto-save guards against data loss from system crashes and power failures
  • Integration with popular file transfer clients via the “Edit in BBEdit” protocol
  • Standards-based document and site syntax checking — check single pages or entire sites for compliance
  • Built in support for Tidy
  • Syntax checking for partial documents
  • Configure multiple web sites via the scriptable HTML Web Site preferences and work with them via the HTML Tools
  • Syntax coloring and function navigation support for HTML, JavaScript, Markdown, Perl, PHP, Ruby, SQL, XHTML, XML, and YAML
  • Syntax coloring, function navigation, and markup support for CSS (cascading style sheets); this includes contextual markup support via the “Tag Maker” interface; includes support for @media blocks and CSS 2.1 properties
  • Powerful Clippings system: store and insert frequently used text items and custom tags; with menu-driven and key-bindable item selection; language-sensitive sets (sample C Source, CSS, HTML, Property List, RSS, Ruby, Ruby-in-HTML, and WML clippings sets supplied, with more contributed by the BBEdit user community)

Download BBEdit and try it out.

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