BBEdit Testimonials

We say: “It doesn't suck.®” Here's what some of our devoted customers say:

  • Jim Dalrymple     The Loop

    What do you do? I'm the founder of The Loop.

    When did you start using BBEdit? I started using BBEdit in 1994 when MacCentral first started and I've been using BBEdit every day since.

    What do you make? How does BBEdit help? I first started using BBEdit to build the MacCentral Web site. At that time we were manually uploading pages to the FTP site, so I just started using it as my main writing tool as well. It seemed to make sense -- BBEdit could do everything a word processor could do and more. That's how the site was built and updated for the first six years. Now I use BBEdit to write all of my stories, work on CSS and other code for The Loop. It's no exaggeration when I say that BBEdit is the first app that gets installed on every Mac I've owned since 1994. It is indispensable in getting my job done.

    For me, the key to BBEdit is that it can do anything and everything.

    What's your favorite project that BBEdit has helped bring to life? Since I use it for writing, I could say all of the stories I've written, but I think I'm most proud of The Loop. It's my latest venture and is the culmination of years of work that BBEdit has been a part of.

    Which feature is your favorite? I don't often use the deep down coding features of the app. For me, the key to BBEdit is that it can do anything and everything. I can download a file from the site, edit it and upload it easily and painlessly. At the same time, I can be researching a story, taking notes, doing an interview or writing a story and never leave BBEdit. That's why it has to be on my computer. I use it for everything.