BBEdit Testimonials

We say: “It doesn't suck.®” Here's what some of our devoted customers say:

  • Mika E.     WordPress Developer

    What do you do? I do Full Stack Development for a web host, primarily using WordPress Managed Hosting.

    When did you start using BBEdit? I started using BBEdit my senior year of high school, in 1994. My father introduced me to BBEdit when he got me my first laptop. I've used it ever since (though there was a brief dip into TextWrangler, I came back to BBEdit very quickly for its additional features.)

    What do you make? How does BBEdit help? One of my weirder jobs is that I review pretty much all new plugins that are submitted to for hosting. I use BBEdit as a part of a shell script I wrote to scan and pick out the common issues people have with plugins, as well as to open the zip (and the scan results file) after. There are a lot of other ways to scan Zip archives, but BBEdit and its command-line tools have become indispensable to me. I also learned regular expression searching from BBEdit, and that alone is indispensable.

    Being able to complex grep inside of Zip archives is a lifesaver.

    What's your favorite project that BBEdit has helped bring to life? My very first web site was built using BBEdit as the HTML editor. My first "complex" web site (I wrote my own gallery code) was built using BBEdit. Pretty much everything I've done has been started in BBEdit one way or the other, even today.

    Which feature is your favorite? Being able to complex grep inside of Zip archives is a lifesaver. BBEdit's output is human readable without extra effort and lets me search just PHP files or just JavaScript files when I need to. I love the bbdiff command-line tool, when someone swears they fixed the one thing (and usually didn't...) and I need to prove it fast.