BBEdit Testimonials

We say: “It doesn't suck.®” Here's what some of our devoted customers say:

  • Andy Lee     Senior Editor, TheSweetBits

    What do you do? I review products, as well as edit and publish content for TheSweetBits, a web site that specializes in letting our readers know about tools and services that make them more productive, especially on macOS.

    When did you start using BBEdit? I’ve had a long enough journey with BBEdit to make it one of my favorite apps. I think we were at BBEdit 10 then. A friend introduced it to me, and it has been around my desktop ever since.

    What do you make? How does BBEdit help? Over the years, BBEdit has helped me perform basic tasks with markup. BBEdit with its intuitive user interface comes to the rescue every time I have some code laid out. Most of the work that I do with my codes and programmes are late at night, and this is where I like the night mode. It makes working at night so easy. BBEdit’s text handling features also make it much easier to work with large bodies of text. This is especially helpful if I am trying to extract some data from a report. Most of the tasks can be automated through built-in tools, and that’s surely a feature to admire.

    I’ve had a long enough journey with BBEdit to make it one of my favorite apps.

    What's your favorite project that BBEdit has helped bring to life? There was a time when I had to export thousands of blog posts and then tweak them for some data changes. I felt like freaking out, but then there was BBEdit on the desktop and it saved my day. I figured out the search and replace tools which helped reduce the task time to great extents. Besides, it all loaded so smoothly on my Mac — that last thing I would have wanted at that moment was my computer slowing down.

    Which feature is your favorite? I really like working with the search and replace feature as it helps process information in multiple articles. It is also helpful if I am working with some codes for my website’s design.