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Work Your Way

  • dive right in, because BBEdit works exactly as you expect it to with all the Mac behavior you depend on, from keyboard shortcuts to support for the latest Mac technologies
  • fine-tune the application’s appearance to suit your taste
  • customize menu keyboard shortcuts
  • create your own functions for BBEdit using your favorite scripting language with comprehensive AppleScript, Automator, and Unix scripting support
  • you can even modify the behavior of the built-in menus using AppleScript because BBEdit is attachable
  • text completion speeds input and ensures correctness; built-in Language Server Protocol support enables advanced language-sensitive completion (varies by language); create Clippings for ready access to frequently used items and custom text elements with menu-driven and key-bindable item selection; language-sensitive Clipping sets
  • use BBEdit with the macOS Terminal
  • use the “Commands” command to get rapidly to any menu command; a “repeat last command” feature provides a time-saving shortcut

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Fine-tune BBEdit’s appearance to suit your taste

BBEdit has built-in support for macOS Dark Mode and automatic appearance switching, as well as an assortment of built-in text color schemes.

It’s easy to add your own custom color schemes, or customize a built-in one.

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Customize menu keyboard shortcuts

“Set Menu Keys” in the Preferences window is where the action is.

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Code faster using text completion

Text completion is an integral part of BBEdit’s editing workflow. You can customize results using both clippings and ctags data, and use its built-in Language Server Protocol support to enable advanced language-sensitive completion. (Results vary by language and server.)

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Terminal Integration

Invoke BBEdit from the command line and pass the results to a document. For example, the ps (process status) command can generate some extremely long lines. Here, we are telling ps to give complete details and to put the result into a new document and to scroll the window to the top of the document. (The document behind the Terminal window is a BBEdit document.)

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Do things faster

The “Commands” command on the Go menu provides quick access to any of BBEdit’s menu commands with just a few keystrokes. This includes open documents, recently opened files, scripts, clippings, and more.

A “repeat last command” function on the Edit menu provides an express way to repeat any applicable menu command (particularly handy for repeating text transformations).

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Find out what’s new in BBEdit 15. Or check out the full feature list.

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