BBEdit Upgrades for Mac App Store Customers

BBEdit 14 is available in the Mac App Store on a subscription basis.

More information on subscription pricing and terms is available in our FAQ for Mac App Store Customers.

As a service to customers who purchased BBEdit 10 from the Mac App Store, we are offering the opportunity to upgrade from the older version to a “perpetual” BBEdit 14 license directly from us at a discounted rate.

Because Apple does not provide Mac App Store developers with registration information, we have no way of knowing who our Mac App Store customers are, and thus can’t immediately verify your eligibility for an upgrade (free or otherwise).

Therefore we have put in place a procedure so that Mac App Store customers can obtain the discounted upgrade price by agreeing to a specific set of terms and conditions, as follows:

Upgrade Terms for Mac App Store Customers

Bare Bones Software, Inc. is offering BBEdit 15 at a discounted price to all customers who purchased BBEdit 10. By accepting these terms and purchasing the BBEdit 15 version upgrade, you are representing to us that you have previously purchased BBEdit 10 in the Mac App Store.

In reliance on this representation Bare Bones Software, Inc., has charged you fees that have been discounted from its standard fee. If your representation proves to have been untrue, Bare Bones Software, Inc. reserves the right to charge you the difference or to terminate your license, as well as any and all other rights and remedies to which it is entitled.

In order to complete your upgrade purchase, you will need to indicate your acceptance of these terms when placing your order.

BBEdit 15 Upgrade (i)
(from Mac App Store)
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