Important information for customers who purchased Yojimbo 3 from the Mac App Store:

Yojimbo 4 is not for sale in the Mac App Store. However, we feel that Mac App Store customers should have the same opportunity to upgrade as those who purchased directly from us.

If you purchased Yojimbo from the Mac App Store on or after June 14, 2013, please follow the instructions on this page.

Otherwise, enter the code YJ4MACAPPSTORE in this space to continue:

Note: By submitting this form with the code YJ4MACAPPSTORE, you have represented to us that you have purchased Yojimbo from the Mac App Store, for purposes of obtaining discounted upgrade pricing. If your representation proves to have been untrue, Bare Bones Software, Inc. reserves the right to charge you the difference or to terminate your license, as well as any and all other rights and remedies to which it is entitled.