Resolving launch errors for Mac App Store products

Updated: 09 March 2016

If you have purchased BBEdit or Yojimbo, or installed TextWrangler, from the Mac App Store, and you encounter either of the error messages below when trying to launch the application, this is symptomatic of a problem with the App Store license mechanics:

    An unexpected error occurred while signing in. Your device or computer
    could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.

Although BBEdit and Yojimbo are no longer for sale in the Mac App Store, you can still reinstall your previously purchased copy of either program via the App Store application.

Please perform the following steps:

  1. Restart your computer. (This is a necessary step, because the App Store's code signing certificate has expired, and restarting will clear the local certificate cache.)

  2. Delete the application by moving it into the Finder's Trash and emptying the Trash.

  3. Launch the App Store app, then make sure that you are signed in using the same Apple Account with which you originally purchased BBEdit (or TextWrangler, or Yojimbo).

  4. Switch to the Purchases tab. If your application appears here, you should be able to reinstall it and then use it normally.

  5. If however you do not see your application in the Purchases tab, you can unhide it by going to "View My Account" and clicking on "Hidden Purchases". Go back to the Purchases tab and you should be able to reinstall your application and use it normally.

If after following these steps you are still unable to successfully launch the application that you purchased from the Mac App Store, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.