Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 13.0

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Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 13.0
Grep Patterns and Dark Mode Highlighted Among the 100+ New Features and Improvements in Major New Version, Ready for macOS Catalina

NORTH CHELMSFORD, Mass. – October 3, 2019 – Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of BBEdit® 13.0, a major new version to its professional strength text and code editor.

Ready for macOS Catalina, BBEdit 13 brings more than 100 new features, changes, and improvements; many of which both help new users to discover and apply BBEdit’s powerful tools for editing and transforming text, and make it more efficient for experienced users to apply those same tools.

A new “Grep Cheat Sheet” provides a quick reference to commonly used pattern idioms at common points of need. In addition, new Pattern Playgrounds present an approachable interface for learning, developing and testing regular expression search patterns (“grep patterns”) in a safe environment. These tools support the learning process for those new to regular expression searching, and provide additional efficiency for experienced users.

Using the technology introduced in the “Live Search” command, BBEdit 13 now brings “live” display of both literal and regular expression matching while entering a search string in the Find window. This new feature allows for a quick visual preview of the potential effects of a search or replace operation.

In addition, BBEdit 13 adds support for multiple selection and editing via three new commands to select Live Search results, matches for the currently selected text, or the current search string in the Find window. Once selected, editing one instance changes them all.

BBEdit 13 introduces a new “Apply Transform” command, which provides a powerful, immediate means to apply any single text transformation to multiple files and folders.

Building on the Dark Mode support for macOS Mojave, BBEdit 13 presents an option to automatically switch the application appearance and text color schemes to match the system-wide appearance, plus a simplified model for working with text color schemes and per-language customization for both light and dark mode. In addition to improved flexibility and appearance, BBEdit 13’s automatic appearance switching is a natural fit with automatic Dark Mode switching introduced in macOS Catalina.

The new BBEdit 13.0 also provides a foundation on which to build additional feature updates. This continues a pattern established in BBEdit 12, which added significant features and architectural improvements over its life cycle, including: 64-bit support, the “Commands…” command, clever and useful text processing tools, a lorem ipsum generator, app sandboxing, and more. In order to make it easier to keep up with ongoing improvements, BBEdit’s change notes are now directly accessible from within the application’s Help menu.

“BBEdit 13 brings more than a hundred additions, changes, and improvements,” said Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc. “Every change is intended to make BBEdit’s advanced features more available to new users, and provide enhanced productivity for experienced users of those same features. The changes we’ve made to Dark Mode support will enhance usability for customers who rely on Dark Mode. All of the work done to build on what has come before adds up to a very compelling upgrade.”

BBEdit offers a generous evaluation model in which its full feature set is available for the first 30 days of use. At the end of the 30-day evaluation period, BBEdit will continue to run with a permanent feature set which includes its powerful editing capabilities, but not its web authoring tools or other exclusive features. BBEdit’s exclusive features may be re-enabled at any time with a purchased license. BBEdit 13 offers a fresh 30-day evaluation to everyone.

BBEdit 13.0 requires macOS 10.14.2 or later (macOS 10.14.6 or later recommended), and is ready for macOS Catalina. Detailed information on all of the changes in BBEdit 13.0 can be found at:

For more information on BBEdit, or to download the software, please visit the company’s web site:

BBEdit: Power Tool for Text

BBEdit is the leading professional-strength text and code editor for the Mac. Crafted to serve the needs of writers, web authors, software developers, and everyone else who deals with text, this award-winning product provides a vast number of helpful features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit enjoys legendary status for reliable, high-performance text transformation.

Pricing and Availability

BBEdit is available directly from Bare Bones Software or by subscription on the Mac App Store.

BBEdit 13 has a suggested retail price of US$49.99. Owners of BBEdit 12 can upgrade for US$29.99. Owners of BBEdit 11 or earlier can upgrade for US$39.99. New licenses and upgrades are available directly from the Bare Bones Software online store:

Anyone who purchased BBEdit on or after May 1, 2019 is eligible to receive a free upgrade, while all eligible customers who purchased directly from Bare Bones Software will be notified automatically via email.

BBEdit is available from the Mac App Store by subscribing in-app for US$3.99 per month, or US$39.99 per year. BBEdit customers with a Mac App Store subscription get all of the exciting new features in BBEdit 13 automatically.

The company is currently refreshing its merchandise store, but customers desiring a 25th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt, enamel pin, or something else from the complete line of BBEdit merchandise can visit the store and register their interest:

BBEdit 13 may be purchased directly from Bare Bones Software or numerous Macintosh software resellers. For a partial listing of domestic and international resellers, please visit:

New customers who wish to get BBEdit from the Mac App Store can find it here:

Multi-user licenses are also available. For details please send email to or call (978) 251-0500.

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