What's New in Yojimbo 2?

Yojimbo 2 includes a huge number of changes; these are just the highlights. To read about all of the changes in excruciating detail, please see the change notes.

Tag Explorer

This amazing new feature provides an overview of the relationships between the tags you’ve used and the items you have stored. Discover at a glance the relationships between tags, and the items they are applied to.

Tag Explorer window

Learn more about the Tag Explorer.

Getting Stuff In: Now even easier!

The delightful ease of getting your information into Yojimbo is part of what makes it so great — and we’ve managed to improve on this in version 2.0:

Quick Input Panel

When using the Quick Input Panel (Yojimbo’s signature interface), you can now set the “Flagged” property, label, and comments before creating the item. When capturing a URL, the Quick Input Panel grabs the name of the page, if necessary and possible.

Quick Input Detail view

PDF Workflow (“Print to Yojimbo”)

With the improvements to the PDF workflow item, you can now set the name, tags, Flagged property, label, and comments when printing the item, before creating it.

Print to PDF

The Drop Dock

Tag Collections now appear in the Drop Dock; when you drop a new item onto a tag collection, Yojimbo applies its tags to the new item.

Tag via Drop Dock

Learn more about getting things into Yojimbo.

Combined Tag and Label editor

Use this new interface to rename existing tags and labels, or combine multiple tags to eliminate redundancy.

Tags editor

Easy sharing with Sidekick

Use Sidekick to export a copy of your data that you can view on any mobile device with a modern Web browser, such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and more.

Sidekick on iPhone
Sidekick on Android

…and much more.

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