Upgrading a Licensed Copy of BBEdit

Upgrade Pricing and Eligibility Requirements

BBEdit version upgrades are only available direct from Bare Bones Software. Please review the information and requirements below carefully before placing your order.

All registered owners of BBEdit version 2.5 through 9.6.3 are eligible to upgrade to BBEdit 10 for just US$39.99. (You must provide your existing product serial number when ordering.)

BBEdit 10 Version Upgrade $39.99 Buy Now!

(If you cannot locate your serial number, or are upgrading from an older version which did not use serial numbers, please contact our Sales Department for assistance.)

Free Upgrade Eligibility

If you purchased BBEdit 9.6 on or after January 1, 2011, you are eligible to receive an upgrade to BBEdit 10 free of charge.

Please see the free upgrade eligibility page for complete details.

Where to look for your BBEdit serial number:

TextWrangler users

Individuals who use TextWrangler 2.0 or later may purchase BBEdit via our online store.

Dreamweaver 1.0 and 2.0 purchasers

Full-priced copies of Dreamweaver 1.x and 2.x were bundled with an older version of BBEdit (4.5 or 5.x), which is eligible for a version upgrade to BBEdit 9 for only US$39.99.

To place an upgrade order, please contact our Sales Department directly, and have your Dreamweaver 1.x or 2.x serial number available.

Copies of Dreamweaver 2 purchased via ESD, or purchased for academic use or via a volume license, as well as all copies of Dreamweaver 3.0 and later, include only the demo version of BBEdit and thus do not qualify for discounted upgrade pricing. Anyone owning these versions may purchase BBEdit at its normal price via our online store.

BBEdit Lite (any version) users

Individuals who use BBEdit Lite may purchase BBEdit at its normal price via our online store.