Mac App Store FAQ

BBEdit and TextWrangler are currently available in the Mac App Store. Yojimbo 4.0 is not available in the Mac App Store.

What if I already own one of these products? Do I need to buy it again?

No, you do not. Your existing license is still valid, and you can continue to use it without having to purchase again from the Mac App Store.

I already have one (or more) of these products, but the App Store doesn’t show it as “Installed”. Why not?

The App Store app checks for products by their internal application identifier (the “bundle ID”) and the version number. The application IDs are the same for all of our products, irrespective of whether you purchased directly from us, or from the Mac App Store. So, if the App Store doesn’t show your product as “Installed”, the most likely explanation is that it’s out of date. Choose “Check for Update” from the application’s menu to obtain the latest version, or go to our Software Updates page to get the latest versions.

Please note that if you are using a version of BBEdit before 9.0, or a version of Yojimbo before 2.0, you will need to purchase an upgrade from us in order to get the latest available version. Upgrades are not currently available from the Mac App Store.

After you have updated to the latest version, you may need to quit and relaunch the “App Store” application.

If at that point your application doesn’t show as “Installed”, unfortunately there’s nothing more we can do — the problem resides in the App Store app, not the software you own. But there’s still no need to purchase it again from the Mac App Store.

How do I get updates to the products that I already own? Will updates only come through the App Store now?

We are continuing to prepare and deliver updates as usual for all of our active products. If you are using an application that you purchased from us, you will be notified of updates in that application. You can also check for updates at any time by using the application’s “Check for Updates” command.

If you are using an application that you purchased from the Mac App Store, you will receive notifications and download updates through the “Updates” tab in the App Store application.

I have an old version of BBEdit or Yojimbo. Can I get a discount for upgrading, or must I buy a new copy from the Mac App Store?

Discounted upgrade pricing is available for registered customers of our commercial products; there is no need to buy a new copy from the Mac App Store if you simply wish to upgrade. Please visit our store for upgrade version pricing.

Why don’t my existing products show up in the App Store’s “Purchases” listing?

The “Purchases” listing only shows products that you bought using the App Store. Products that you’ve purchased directly from us will not be listed in the “Purchases” listing.

Are there any differences between the Mac App Store versions of your software and the versions available directly from your web site?

Yojimbo 4 is available for purchase in our online store but is not currently available in the Mac App Store.

In BBEdit and TextWrangler, authenticated saves (the ability to save changes to files that you do not own) and the command-line tools are not available in the Mac App Store versions, in order to comply with Apple’s submission guidelines.

Authenticated saves: BBEdit 10.1.1 and later include a scripting attachment point which makes this possible. A script and instructions for installing it are available on this page.

Command-line tools: Any customer who has purchased BBEdit or TextWrangler from the Mac App Store may use the following packages to install the command-line tools on their system. (These packages are only for use with the Mac App Store versions of BBEdit or TextWrangler, and are not suitable for use otherwise.)

BBEdit command-line tools installer: download

TextWrangler command-line tools installer: download