What's in Your Yojimbo?

Yojimbo is so incredibly flexible, everyone will have different information in Yojimbo. Here are some examples of the things you could store:

  • URLs for time-shifted browsing
  • Text notes
  • Server account passwords
  • Email clippings from client communications
  • Comics, icons, desktop pictures, and other non-photo images
  • Web links to staging servers and other online resources
  • Receipts
  • Basic instructions
  • Ad-hoc documentation, hardware configuration notes, how-tos, etc.
  • Boiler-plate text
  • checklists
  • Quotes, jokes, interesting but hard to classify snippets
  • Home inventory
  • Questionable Content
  • Project research
  • Kids’ and spouse’s social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers, plus the security code — encrypted, of course
  • Wish lists
  • …anything you like!

Patrick says: “Every digital junk drawer needs a good dog pic.”

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