Tag Explorer

The Tag Explorer is a powerful new way to examine your Yojimbo library from the “inside out”, using tags.

Here’s how it works:

Start by selecting the Library, or any subset of your Collections. The Tag Explorer pane will display the union of all tags used in the selected collection(s): If you select the Library, you’ll start off seeing every tag that’s assigned to at least one item.

Clicking on a single tag will promote it to the Tag Filter bar. Once a tag has been promoted, two things happen:

  • Yojimbo filters the Items list to display only the items using the selected tag
  • The Tag Explorer adjusts to show you only the tags which can be found on items displayed in the list (available tags)

You can keep adding tags to the Tag Filter bar, and each time these two actions are re-applied. You can remove an individual tag from the bar by clicking the “x” in the tag (hidden until your mouse is over the tag). To start over, just click the Reset button in the Tag Filter, or choose a different Collection from the Collections list.

Here’s a short movie of the Tag Explorer in action: