Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 13.5

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Bare Bones Software Releases BBEdit 13.5
Ready for Apple Silicon, Now Adds Markdown Cheat Sheet, Supports
Rescued Documents, and More

NORTH CHELMSFORD, Mass. – October 14, 2020 – Bare Bones Software today announced the release and immediate availability of BBEdit® 13.5, a significant update to its professional strength text and code editor.

BBEdit 13.5 now runs natively on Apple Silicon, and introduces a Markdown Cheat Sheet, internal performance improvements, support for “rescuing” untitled documents, and numerous additions and refinements designed to improve efficiency. In all, version 13.5 includes more than a hundred new features, refinements to existing features, and fixes to reported issues. At present, only the BBEdit 13.5 application available directly from Bare Bones Software is Universal, while all applications in the Mac App Store currently remain Intel-only.

“Over the last 30 years, millions of people have turned to BBEdit to get the job done when the going gets tough,” said Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc. “That’s why we make sure BBEdit is first in place on day one: first on PowerPC, first on Mac OS X, first on Intel, first on the Mac App Store, and now first on Apple silicon. You can use BBEdit to make quick notes, write code, and do all the basics, but you can also use BBEdit to sift, process, and transform multi-gigabyte files, crunch through hundreds of thousands of files, and transform text in a truly dizzying variety of ways.”

BBEdit 13.5 provides a veritable cornucopia of improvements which increase efficiency for customers, by requiring fewer steps for common operations.

A “New Text File” command enables customers to create a file on disk and open it for editing in a single step. Similarly, additions to the action menu in the sidebar of project and editing windows provide quick access for creating or adding documents; and a new keyboard shortcut is available to open the contextual menu directly from the keyboard while editing, for quick access to relevant commands and services.

For customers writing Markdown, a new Markdown Cheat Sheet provides a handy quick reference as well as an expedient means for inserting common Markdown constructions. BBEdit’s powerful text transformations have been enhanced as well, with a new option in “Sort Lines” for randomizing order, and an “Ignore Empty Lines” option for the “Process Duplicate Lines” operation. Even the insertion of file contents now provides an option for ensuring a line break after each inserted file, eliminating the need for customers to pre-process files before insertion.

To further improve efficiency when working with documents on remote servers, BBEdit saves enough information when quitting to reopen those documents at application startup without needing to reconnect to the remote server. This behavior brings signficant time savings for customers whose workflows routinely involve such documents.

BBEdit 13.5 adds a new feature, which saves a “rescue” copy when closing an untitled document without saving changes. A new “Rescue Documents” command provides quick access to the rescue copies, and provides a safety net to guard against unintentional data loss.

“BBEdit, as a power tool, is designed to be utterly dependable for whatever you need it to do,” Siegel continued. “We added ‘Rescue Documents’ so that you can count on BBEdit to have your back, even when you’ve made a mistake.”

BBEdit 13.5 also includes enhancements and refinements to existing features, and fixes for specific reported issues, and is a recommended and free update to all registered customers with BBEdit 13.

BBEdit offers a generous evaluation model in which its full feature set is available for the first 30 days of use. At the end of the 30-day evaluation period, BBEdit will continue to run in Free Mode with a permanent feature set which includes its powerful editing capabilities, but not its web authoring tools or other exclusive features. BBEdit’s exclusive features may be re-enabled at any time with a purchased license.

BBEdit 13.5 requires macOS 10.14.2 or later (macOS 10.14.6 or later recommended). Detailed information on all of the changes in BBEdit 13.5 can be found at:

For more information on BBEdit, or to download the software, please visit the company’s web site:

BBEdit: Power Tool for Text

BBEdit is the leading professional-strength text and code editor for the Mac. Crafted to serve the needs of writers, web authors, software developers, and everyone else who deals with text, this award-winning product provides a vast number of helpful features for editing, searching, and manipulation of text. BBEdit enjoys legendary status for reliable, high-performance text transformation.

Pricing and Availability

BBEdit is available directly from Bare Bones Software or by subscription on the Mac App Store. At present, only the BBEdit 13.5 application available directly from Bare Bones Software is Universal, while all applications in the Mac App Store currently remain Intel-only.

BBEdit 13 has a suggested retail price of US$49.99. Owners of BBEdit 12 can upgrade for US$29.99. Owners of BBEdit 11 or earlier can upgrade for US$39.99. New licenses and upgrades are available directly from the Bare Bones Software online store:

BBEdit is available from the Mac App Store by subscribing in-app for US$3.99 per month, or US$39.99 per year. BBEdit customers with a Mac App Store subscription get all of the exciting new features in BBEdit 13 automatically.

For t-shirts or an enamel pin, a line of BBEdit merchandise is available from the Bare Bones Software merch shop at:

BBEdit 13 may be purchased directly from Bare Bones Software or numerous Macintosh software resellers. For a partial listing of domestic and international resellers, please visit:

New customers who wish to get BBEdit from the Mac App Store can find it here:

Multi-user licenses are also available. For details please send email to or call (978) 251-0500.

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