Bare Bones Software Releases Yojimbo 1.4

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Bare Bones Software Releases Yojimbo 1.4
Extensive New AppleScript Support Helps Customers Harness
Yojimbo’s Power For Use In Concert With Other Productivity Tools

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – January 9, 2007 – Macworld Conference and Expo 2007, Booth #N4034 – Bare Bones Software, developer of leading-edge power tools for Mac OS X, today released Yojimbo 1.4, the effortless information organizer, with AppleScript support for inter-application automation. Now customers can incorporate Yojimbo’s power in concert with other productivity tools in an automatic workflow.

AppleScript is an English-like scripting language used for automating the actions of the computer and the applications that run on it. Scripts can make decisions based on user interaction or by parsing and analyzing data, documents or events. Using AppleScript helps people get more done in less time and with fewer mistakes.

Yojimbo 1.4 is also a maintenance release that fixes reported issues and adds several significant refinements to this reliable, easy to use information organizer.

“I find Yojimbo is a good way to keep my desktop organized, and that makes me be, and feel more organized,” explained Chris Nandor, senior developer for Slashdot. “And as of version 1.4, it’s now scriptable, so I can write Perl and AppleScripts to create, find, and manage my data.”

“Yojimbo is the tool that can help anyone master the onslaught of digital daily life,” said Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software. “With the addition of rich AppleScript support, Yojimbo empowers our customers to use it at the core of any automated process that our customers can devise, no matter how esoteric or complicated, without adding UI complexity.”

Yojimbo 1.4 requires Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later. An update package is available free of charge to all registered Yojimbo customers from the Bare Bones Software web site:

Yojimbo Organizes Everything Else

Yojimbo empowers Mac users to manage, effortlessly and securely, the onslaught of information encountered every day at work and at home, even across multiple computers. Yojimbo stores different data types: text notes, passwords, Web bookmarks, product serial numbers, PDFs, and web archives.

Data input into Yojimbo follows familiar Mac user interface gestures such as copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, a Quick Input Panel, or PDF Services from the Print menu. Searching and retrieval are instantaneous, using either Yojimbo’s built-in search, or the Spotlight search system in Mac OS X Tiger. If desired, Yojimbo will encrypt data using the secure AES-256 algorithm standard.

Its simple, flexible storage system allows for personally-defined organization of data. Support for Mac OS X’s Sync Services synchronization provides back-up and data portability for .Mac account holders, making irrelevant which computer was used to access, add or modify an item stored in Yojimbo.

For more information on Yojimbo, or to download a fully functional demo version, visit the company’s web site:

Pricing and Availability

Yojimbo is available today at a suggested retail price of US$39 for an individual license; US$69 for a family-pack license for up to five people in a single household; or US$29 for an educational license. All licenses provide for .Mac synchronization of multiple computers.

Yojimbo may be purchased directly from Bare Bones Software. Site license pricing is also available. For details please visit the company’s web site at, send email to, or call (781) 687-0700.

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