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Although BBEdit’s core strengths make it an excellent all-around tool for programming, BBEdit provides these special features geared toward software development:

  • Text Completion speeds coding by suggesting completions for symbols and clippings
  • Code folding allows you to hide sections of code in order to improve readability and more easily view the structure of your source file
  • support for Universal Ctags (a powerful tool for indexing and navigating source code) providing easy access to indexed symbols by means of contextual menus and the “Find Definition” command
  • Integrated access to Git and Subversion allows you to work transparently with source files under revision control:
    • Work with source files from multiple repositories
  • Add/delete, edit/revert, synchronize, commit, resolve conflicts, compare revisions
  • Compare to Base and Compare to Head to compare open files to what’s in the repository
  • Check Syntax for Perl, Python and Ruby scripts
  • Direct integration with macOS native Perl environment, as well as Python, Ruby, and unix shell scripts
  • Automatic function scanner allows easy navigation of source code
  • Easily develop “Codeless Language Modules” to add syntax coloring and function navigation without writing any code
  • Auto-Indent
  • Automatic backup of files when saving (optional)

Download BBEdit and try it out.

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