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BBEdit’s Text Handling Features

Text handling is what BBEdit does. Here are some specifics on how BBEdit makes handling text easier and you more productive.

BBEdit offers all the standard text entry, selection and editing features you’d expect from a Mac editor plus:

  • Built-in tools for performing text manipulations:
    • Exchange Characters & Words
    • Change Case
    • Shift Left/Shift Right
    • Un/Comment Selection
    • Hard Wrap
    • Add&Remove Line Breaks
    • Apply Text Factory
    • Educate Quotes
    • Straighten Quotes
    • Add/Remove Line Numbers
    • Prefix/Suffix Lines
    • Sort Lines
    • Process Duplicate Lines
    • Process Lines Containing
    • Canonize
    • Rewrap Quoted Text
    • Increase and Decrease Quote Level
    • Strip Quotes
    • Zap Gremlins
    • Entab/Detab
    • Normalize Line Endings
    • Column operations
  • Text Factory enables you to apply any number of BBEdit’s powerful text transformations to multiple files without programming
  • Sort Lines and Process Duplicate Lines offer grep pattern support for sorting, extracting, and handling text
  • Canonize provides powerful batch changes
  • BBEdit works easily with Unicode files, including those containing glyphs from multiple disparate languages (e.g. Roman, Japanese, and Cyrillic all in the same file)
  • Hard or soft? Wrap text however you prefer: soft wrapped lines may be indented to the “hard” start of the line, to the left margin of the window, or reverse-indented
  • Quoted text rewrapper – makes reformatting or preparing email and online content easy
  • Support for rectangular text selections, including copying/pasting and application of many of BBEdit’s text transformations
  • Cut, Copy, Clear, and Rearrange Columns commands for manipulating column-delimited text (CSV, TSV) without needing a spreadsheet or complicated Grep patterns

Download BBEdit and try it out.

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