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BBEdit’s File Handling Features

BBEdit offers the following core features for working with local and remote files:

  • Projects contain files and folder listings to organize your work
  • Disk browsers view directory listings and edit files on any mounted file system (local or remote), as well as Zip archives (including EPUB and other Zip-archive file formats)
  • Browse and edit the contents of Zip archives (or any Zip-based file format, such as EPUB).
  • Rapid access to files in your projects via “Open File by Name”.
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo
  • Multiple Clipboards with Paste Previous Clipboard command
  • Window control with “splittable” editing windows and window arranging commands, ability to synchronize scrolling in multiple windows, and a floating list of open windows
  • A multiple-documents-per-window interaction model, accessed via:
    • a list of all of the documents that are open in that window,
    • Navigation Bar contains a popup menu with a list of all of the documents open in the window as well as “Previous Document” and “Next Document” commands
    • You can still use the original one-window-per-document model, if you prefer
    • Save any window as a project
  • Open and edit a single document in more than one window:
    • The same document can be open in more than one window
    • Search Results windows, Disk Browsers and Project windows all have embedded editors
    • Changes in one window are automatically and instantly reflected in any other window showing the same document
  • Comprehensive support for accessing and manipulating files via FTP and SFTP — open, edit, and save files on remote servers
  • FTP Browsers provide persistent view of remote site directories
  • FTP and SFTP server discovery using Bonjour
  • Integrated support for FTP access through Interarchy, Fetch, Transmit, and other file transfer clients that support the “Edit in BBEdit” handshake
  • Floating window list
  • Transparently handles DOS, Unix and Mac line endings
  • Open, edit and save Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16) files
  • Open, edit, and save gzip (.gz) and bzip2 (.bz2) files

Download BBEdit and try it out.

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