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BBEdit’s Search Features

One of the most powerful aspects of BBEdit is the comprehensive suite of search features:

  • Multi-file Search
    • multiple sources for a multi-file search that can be a mix different types of sources:
      • folders
        • individual files
        • BBEdit Projects
        • open documents
        • previous search results
        • web sites
        • Xcode projects
      • Run multiple searches at once, without blocking the application; runs even faster on dual-core and multiprocessor computers
  • Flexible “grep” style pattern-based search and replace based on PCRE
  • Find Differences command – compare differences between files or the contents of folders, and apply changes; highlights differences within lines
  • Informative search result browsers – view and open search matches
  • Advanced file filtering for multi-file search and replace, and for Find Differences
  • Quick Search window – finds what you’ve typed as you type it
  • bbfind” tool for running searches from the Unix command line
  • bbdiff” for integrating Find Differences with Unix workflows

Download BBEdit and try it out.

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