BBEdit Language Module Library

Welcome! Please peruse and enjoy, but before you start, here are some important reminders:

The language modules listed here are just the ones we know about. The BBEdit Extras wiki is a great place to look for language modules and more. (This is a community-maintained resource, and is not an official publication of Bare Bones Software.)

Please note that language modules developed by third parties may not be compatible with all versions of BBEdit. If you find that a language module is not compatible with your version of BBEdit, please contact the language module’s developer for assistance.


To install a language module, copy the module file into the “Language Modules” subfolder of BBEdit’s application support folder (below), and then quit and relaunch BBEdit.
/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/

(Note: if your BBEdit application support folder is stored in Dropbox, please instead copy the language module into: ~/Dropbox/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/.)

BBEdit Language Modules

Name Author Download
65C02 Assembler & AppleSoft Basic Ivan Drucker (http)
Apache Configuration Language John Gruber (web site)
AMPL Josiah Johnston (download)
Apex Skot Nelson (web site)
Arduino John Egan (download)
ASReml Rene Malenfant (download)
AutoLISP Emil Prpic (download)
Cisco IOS Fabrizio La Rosa (download)
CMake Sascha Kratky (web site)
COBOL Jonathan Eddy (http)
diff output (and more) Chris Nandor (web site)
Erlang Paul Guyot (web site)
FloScript Rostyslav Golda (web site)
GAS/AT&T Assembly Frank Botelho (web site)
Gembase DML Nelson Santos (download)
Go Anthony Starks (http)
Haskell Dave Menendez (http)
IDL Daniel Schl├Ąpfer (web site)
Igor Pro Robert Gilman and Bela Farago (web site)
LassoScript Bare Bones Software, Inc. (built into BBEdit 9.2 and later)
LiveStage QScript Totally Hip Technologies, Inc. (http)
MacPorts Frank Schima (web site)
Mathematica Flip Phillips (http)
Matlab Andrew J. Miller (web site)
Micromite Basic Richard Hinckley (http)
Modula-2 Benjamin Kowarsch (web site)
Netwide Assembler (NASM) Pedro Freire (http)
Oberon-07 Roel P. de Jong (web site)
OPL16 (Open Programming Language) Jean-Yves Rouffiac (web site)
Org-ASM Assembler — Z80/Z180 Graham Hinton (web site)
PDF Appligent Labs (web site)
PostScript Ben Byram-Wigfield (http)
Powershell Doug Baer (web site)
R Jonathan Marc Bearak (web site)
Renderman RIB Flip Phillips (http)
Renderman Shading Language Flip Phillips (http)
reStructuredText Eric Knibbe (http)
SAS Ed deHaan and Scott Gerlach (web site)
Stata Jonathan Marc Bearak (web site)
SuperBASIC Jean-Yves Rouffiac (web site)
Swift Aidan Dysart (web site)
TaskPaper Matthias Steffens (web site)
TXL Andy Maloney (web site)
Verilog HDL Yasuhisa Kato (http)
VHDL Yasuhisa Kato (http)
VRML and 3DMF James Walker (https)
Xcode pbxproj files Aidan Dysart (web site)
Z80 Assembler Derek Bolli (web site)

If you are looking for something in particular that used to be here, please let us know.