Yojimbo 1.5 Release Notes

This page documents all feature additions, modifications and bug fixes included in the Yojimbo 1.5 update.

For information on changes made in previous versions of Yojimbo, please see the release notes archive.

You can access Yojimbo’s online help by choosing “Yojimbo Help” from the Help menu.


Yojimbo’s image support can help you keep track of your favorite Basic Instructions strip, custom icons, desktop patterns, and so forth. It is not a place to dump all your RAW images in the hope that they’ll sync between machines (and in fact RAW images are explicitly not supported).

These buttons are not shown by default, but you can add them via the “Customize Toolbar…” command.


Note: If sync threshold warnings are enabled in iSync, you may be prompted to sync a large number of items. This is normal.