Yojimbo 2.1 Release Notes

This page documents all feature additions and modifications included in the Yojimbo 2.1 update.

For information on changes made in previous versions of Yojimbo, please see the release notes archive.

You can access Yojimbo's online help by choosing "Yojimbo Help" from the Help menu.

Additions & Changes

  • When running on 10.6 or later, the Drop Dock is available when in Exposé’s Show Desktop mode.

  • Added the “standard” Speech and Transforms commands to the edit menu and text view contextual menus for note text views. This batch of commands is supported on both 10.5 and 10.6.

  • When running on Snow Leopard, Yojimbo supports the full suite of Snow Leopard text system features (automatic spelling correct, text substitution and data detectors). Some of these features are disabled by default. Their settings are remembered across runs of Yojimbo, so if you turn them on, they will stay enabled until you turn them off.

  • The New, Label and Search toolbar items get improved representations when in the overflow menu.

  • The New and Label toolbar items are usable from both the overflow menu and when the toolbar is in text mode.

  • Added support for recognizing .vncloc clipping files.

  • You can view an encrypted item by clicking on the combination lock in the placeholder view.

  • A collection’s icon property is now accessible via the scripting interface.

  • The quick input panel can now be opened via AppleScript.

    tell application "Yojimbo" to open quick input panel

  • Added default visibility priority to the search and tag explorer toolbar items so that they stay visible as the toolbar is resized.

  • When Yojimbo encounters a stale lockfile which cannot be safely automatically broken, it gives the user the opportunity to override the lock themselves if they are certain no other copy of Yojimbo is using the application data folder. (An additional note is presented if the Yojimbo data folder is contained within a Dropbox folder.)

  • The “How-to Videos” item on the Help menu has been renamed to “Quick Start Video”. It always opens the video in a ‘native’ window in Yojimbo rather than the help book.


  • Fixed a crasher which could occur when clearing or closing the Downloads window.

  • Fixed a crasher in the -dealloc path for a note.

  • Fixed some memory leaks.

  • Fixed a bug where the secure text field in the Quick Input Panel’s password module was not correctly bound to the underlying data.

  • Added a band-aid for rdar://problem/7265309 in which certain notes created with the 64-bit version of the application cannot be decoded by the 32-bit version of the application.

  • Fixed a bug where the password field would sometimes go blank when the editor was refreshed instead of becoming disabled and filled with placeholder bullets.

  • Fixed one common cause of the note view jumping/scrolling on save.

  • Fixed another case which would cause a note in a separate editor to jump/scroll on save if some very specific pre-conditions had been met.

  • When you import iTunes store URLs (by dragging them or via the Quick Input Panel), Yojimbo will create bookmarks instead of (useless) web archives.

  • Corrupt/incomprehensible custom icon data will no longer cause the UI to malfunction. (The error decoding the custom icon data will be logged to the console.)

  • Worked around a bug/regression rdar://problem/7315055 which caused expansion frames to appear at the wrong vertical position.

  • Fixed a bug where column widths were not restored correctly if you were using something other than the default columns order or visibility.

  • Fixed a bug where the initial tiling of the Tag Explorer view was incorrect with fresh preferences, leaving a blank gray stripe down the right hand side of the window.

  • Fixed a bug where the popup origin for toolbar popup buttons was incorrect when the toolbar item labels were not visible.

  • Converted small password, recent and serial number icons to RGB Color so that Snow Leopard won’t pick the representation which is a better color match, but a poorer size match.

  • Fix for missing sort indicator on the date columns when running on Snow Leopard.

  • Fixed a bug where an exception was raised and logged when unregistering with sync services after demo expiration.

  • Workaround for rdar://problem/7257705 where sending the app an open event with a non-file receiver didn’t work if that was the first scripting interaction with the application.

  • Fixed (worked around a system framework bug) a bug where adding a tag with certain non-ASCII characters would cause duplicate tags to be added to the database and an eventual crash.

  • Fix a problem where the Print to PDF panel would not appear in the current space if Spaces was enabled and Yojimbo was assigned to a specific space.

  • Fixed a bug where termination because of demo expiration left a lockfile behind.

  • Fixed a bug where the quick start movie was not stopped/released when closing the quick start movie window.

  • Fixed a typo in the mailto: link.

  • Clarified use of “Return” vs. “Enter” in the Quick Input Panel docs.

  • Changed how the help book index is built to resolve issues some users had with missing images.