Yojimbo 2.2 Release Notes

This page documents all feature additions and modifications included in the Yojimbo 2.2 update.

For information on changes made in previous versions of Yojimbo, please see the release notes archive.

You can access Yojimbo's online help by choosing "Yojimbo Help" from the Help menu.


  • Yojimbo Sidekick

    Sidekick is a feature which makes some of your Yojimbo data available as web pages. You can use the Sidekick preference pane to control which items Yojimbo should export, and in what folder it should place the exported content.

    While Sidekick is enabled, Yojimbo will create a webpage for every included item, and add it to a portable, searchable index page. You can then place or transfer this collection of pages to any location you desire, for example: your phone, a computer or laptop which does not have Yojimbo installed, or an Internet or local web server.

    You can export all of your items (subject to some limitations -- see below), or use tags to indicate the items you want exported.

    Tip: If you use tags to control Sidekick export, make a tag collection with those same tags to see in advance which items will be exported.

    If you provide a Sidekick password, Yojimbo will encrypt password items using the supplied password, and embed these items in self-decrypting archives which you can view in any modern web browser. If you do not provide a Sidekick password, Yojimbo will skip over password items.


    • Due to technical constraints, Yojimbo cannot export web archives, and will instead emit a placeholder page containing the archive's URL.

    • Putting the export on Dropbox, and browsing through their web interface does not work; all the individual items' pages will be unavailable.

    • Encrypted items (notes, PDFs, etc.) are not exported.

    Note: Sidekick exporting is a one-way operation — you cannot add items to Yojimbo by creating pages in the Sidekick folder.

Changes and Fixes

  • Added an OS X 10.5-specific workaround to prevent infinite loops while committing a newly created tag containing '*'.

  • Tweaked the wrap around find logic so that it will search the selected text after wrapping, finding a match if possible, and reporting "Not Found" in the case that the only match in the file was the starting selection range.

  • The tag fields in the Bookmark, Password and Serial Number editors now truncate the tail of the display with elipses as appropriate.

  • Fixed a regression where "Show in Drop Dock" didn't work correctly for built-in smart collections.

  • Fixed a bug where if a string started with a dictionary word followed by a word break character, it wasn't guessed as a password for the quick input panel.

  • Fixed a bug where Yojimbo could crash refreshing the search results after editing the content of a note with a search filter active.

  • Added the Open Office UTIs to the Info.plist so these files could be imported by dragging into the Yojimbo icon in the Dock or Finder. (The support for this has been in place for awhile; this change only adds the Finder/Dock drag capability.)

  • The Quick Input Panel now allows the creation of untitled items.

  • After performing a search using the search field in the main window, the first search component is placed on Yojimbo's find pasteboard for convenience. (i.e. you can put focus in a note and immediately do a find again to jump to the first occurrence.)

  • Yojimbo no longer loads content into the content area of the main window when the content pane is collapsed. (It also unloads that content when the pane is collapsed; this prevents work being done, for example, on behalf of web archives when there is nothing to see.)

  • Fixed a bug which could result in certain links loading in your preferred web browser upon displaying a web archive in Yojimbo.

  • Fixed a bug where changes outside of the main window's context (Print PDF to Yojimbo, flagging changes made in separate editors) sometimes did not trigger a refresh of affected smart collections in the main window.

  • Fixed a bug where modifying the content of a note which matched the current search term could cause the note to be temporarily removed from the search results list, the later restored, but disrupting keyboard focus in the meantime.

  • Fixed a bug where separate editing windows did not have their minimum size constrained.

  • Pressing delete to move an item to the trash now requires that no modifier keys be held down. This avoids a bug in which "Empty Trash" is disabled, and you end up moving the selected item to the trash instead.

  • Yojimbo's custom link panel uses string instead of URL values for the links to work more nicely with idiosyncrasies of the "Smart Links" feature of the text system.

  • Fixed a bug where the "Rename" contextual menu item was disabled in the items list.