Yojimbo 3.0.4 Release Notes

This page documents all feature additions and modifications included in the Yojimbo 3.0.4 release.

For information on the feature additions and changes in Yojimbo 3.0, please see its release notes. For details about the changes made in any previous versions of Yojimbo, please see the release notes archive.

You can access Yojimbo's online help by choosing "Yojimbo Help" from the Help menu.


  • No new features were added in Yojimbo 3.0.4.

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed a crash which would occur when displaying certain web archives on 10.8.

  • Worked around OS bug which was the cause of drawing glitches and crashes in PDF item display.

  • If the Sidekick export folder is not available at launch, you'll now have the opportunity to choose a new export folder (doing so will restart Sidekick) or to turn Sidekick off. (If you opt to choose a new export folder and then cancel, Sidekick will be turned off.)

  • Made a cosmetic tweak to the Sidekick pref pane display when the export folder is not available.

  • Adjusted the PDF importer so that it adheres to a slightly less-strict (but still normative) interpretation of the PDF header format.

  • Fixed a suspected cause of intermittent iPad pairing problems.

  • MobileMe synchronization is no longer available; so the related mechanics have been removed from the application.