Yojimbo 4.6.2 Release Notes

This page documents all changes included in the Yojimbo 4.6.2 release.

This update builds on changes made in the Yojimbo 4.5 and 4.6 upgrades. For important details about the changes made in those versions, please see the Yojimbo 4.5 release notes and Yojimbo 4.6 release notes.

Release notes for previous versions of Yojimbo are available in the release notes archive.

You can access Yojimbo's online help by choosing "Yojimbo Help" from the Help menu.

Important Notices

  • Yojimbo 4.6.2 requires macOS 10.13.6 or later. It will not run on any older version of macOS.

Additions and Changes

This update contains only fixes for reported issues.


  • Worked around a bug in Safari on macOS 10.14, in which dragging multiple URLs from Safari would fail to create multiple items in Yojimbo.

  • Corrected display of icons for built-in smart collections in the Collections list and other locations.

  • Corrected the appearance of the Tag Explorer and tag filter bar when running in Dark Mode.

  • Added "Zoom to Fit" to the contextual menu for PDF views.

  • Made a change so that the "Zoom" commands are enabled when viewing a PDF item in the main window, even when keyboard focus isn't in the PDF view itself.

  • Fixed bug in which "Zoom to Fit" was not enabled for images when the image had been zoomed in.

  • Fixed bug in which the Quick Input Panel would prefill the item name with a literal "untitled", which sometimes would interfere with subsequent automatic guessing of the name for bookmarks and PDF items.

  • Restored to working order the behavior of the Quick Input Panel in which it would look for the URL on the clipboard in your own browser tabs. This feature supports only Safari and Google Chrome, since those are the only two web browsers with functioning AppleScript interfaces.

    Note that you will likely be prompted to allow "Yojimbo Helper" access to automate System Events, Safari, and Google Chrome; if you don't grant access to System Events and your web browser(s), this feature will not work correctly. (It may also fail to behave as intended due to malfunctions in the macOS security infrastructure, which are beyond our control.)