BBEdit 11.0.1 Release Notes

BBEdit 11.0.1 is a focused maintenance update which includes fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 11, please see its release notes.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).


BBEdit 11.0.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later (10.9.5 or later recommended; 10.10 supported).


  • This release consists entirely of fixes for reported issues, and contains no new features.


  • Fixed bug in which the credits text in the About box was editable (though by rights it should not have been).

  • Text smoothing for Monaco is no longer unconditionally suppressed.

    If you want to unconditionally disable text smoothing for a specific font, you can now accomplish this with an expert preference:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit DisableFontSmoothing_FONTNAME -bool YES

    where FONTNAME is the display name (in the font panel or Font Book) of the font for which you want to disable smoothing. For example:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit DisableFontSmoothing_Monaco -bool YES

    will disable font smoothing for Monaco. The Expert Preferences help has been updated accordingly.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when trying to apply a color scheme that had been converted from a legacy format.

  • Reworked some internals in the SGML/HTML parser to improve reliability and fix a reported (but non-reproducible) crash.

  • Made an additional change to reduce the transient memory requirements of the SGML/HTML parser, particularly on very large documents.

  • Fixed bug in which completions in language modules would include all predefined names, rather than just the ones which matched the partial entry.

  • Fixed bug in which "Balance" did not correctly shim through to "Balance Tags" for "PHP in HTML" and "Ruby in HTML" documents.

  • Corrected a problem with the in-app purchase mechanics which prevented placing orders from the license panel.

  • Increased the maximum allowed parenthesis nesting depth in the PHP function scanner.

  • Fixed bug in which the positions of the HTML markup palettes were not being correctly restored when starting the application.

  • Put a workaround in place for a cosmetic bug in which icon menu titles (Subversion, Clippings, and Scripts) were drawn incorrectly on OS X Yosemite when "Use dark menu bar and Dock" is turned on. However, due to a bug in the OS itself, the menu titles will continue to be drawn with the incorrect appearance.

    In other words, we were doing it wrong before, but now we're doing it right, but because of a bug in the OS, it still looks like we're doing it wrong. More background here.

  • Added ellipses to the "Preferences" and "Setup" menu commands, because some people just want to watch the world burn.

  • Turning off the Subversion menu now not only hides the Subversion button from the window sidebar, it also allows the sidebar to get narrower (by the amount of space taken up by the button).

  • In the language module API, kBBLMResolveIncludeFileMessage has been renamed to kBBLMCreateURLByResolvingIncludeFileMessage, so that it's clearer that your module needs to return a CFURLRef (or NSURL) with the expectation that it will be released.

  • Made a change to reduce the amount of time required to restore sleep state at startup.

  • The dialogs-for-scripts feature (documented here) now works as intended for #! scripts and Unix executables when you run them from the Scripts menu.

  • Fixed bug in which completion in Ruby and SQL source files didn't inspect the file's contents for eligible completions, as it should have done.

  • Added an expert preference to suppress separators in Unix script output:

    defaults write com.barebones.bbedit UseSeparatorsInUnixScriptOutput -bool NO

  • Fixed bug in which "Capitalize Sentences" would fail when applied to text containing blank lines or lines consisting entirely of whitespace and/or word-break characters.

  • Fixed bug in which the cache of known ctags files was not stored in cases where the application-specific folder in ~/Library/Caches/ didn't exist.

  • Although we can't stop the system from using giant icons in the Counterparts menu when it really wants to, we can still ask it nicely to not do that.

  • Fixed bug in which Spotlight-based tags file detection would inappropriately include things named "tags" that weren't actually files.

  • Fixed bug in which really old-format color schemes (predating BBEdit 9) were not converted correctly.

    In order to correct the symptom after updating, look in your BBEdit Application Support/Color Schemes/ folder for any files whose name ends in bbcolors. You will find a file with the same name, but with the bbColorScheme extension. Delete the bbColorScheme file and relaunch the application.

  • Fixed regression in which Control-underscore (ctl-_) didn't perform an Undo when "Emulate Emacs key bindings" was turned on.

  • Corrected missing colors for some Perl constructs.

  • Fixed bug in which the application did not correctly come to the foreground after completing a comparison started with the bbdiff command-line tool.

  • Fixed bug in which the Prefix/Suffix Lines would fail to remember settings that had been cleared to empty strings.

  • Fixed bug in which manually changing a single color setting while a color scheme was selected would not take effect. (Changes after the first one would work, though.)

  • Fixed crash which would occur when configuring a Prefix/Suffix text factory action and one of the fields was left blank.

  • Fixed bug in which Subversion working-copy dialogs didn't remember folders that were chosen while using those dialogs.

  • Updated the Expert Preferences help to include UseTabKeyAsCompletionTrigger.

  • Fixed bug in hex-color and number coloring in the CSS language module.

  • Fixed bug in which out-of-memory conditions in the HTML/XML function scanner (which also generates folds) weren't caught when they occurred (when opening giant files).

  • Fixed bug in which the PHP in HTML and Ruby in HTML language modules did not properly declare that certain runs were eligible for spell checking.

  • Made some improvements to the path shortening used in Differences results windows.

  • Fixed bug in which Grep patterns listed in the Setup window could not be reordered.

  • The Find Differences dialog box now correctly adds directories being compared to the Open Recent list, and fixes a bug in which previously used locations would sometimes be forgotten.

  • Right-clicking in a CSS/SCSS document no longer triggers an error alert if a parsing error occurs.

  • Fixed bug in which the sidebar width for project documents was not restored as it should have been when opening the project.

  • Fixed bug in which the sidebar in editing and project windows would grow and shrink when the window width changed.

  • Fixed bug in which certain constructs in C source files were not colored correctly if they followed a number without any intervening whitespace.

  • Fixed hang in Markdown scanner when a document started with blank line, a >, and a tab. (But only on new moons in August and October)

  • Fixed a bug in the syntax coloring of Markdown documents, where text would be colored as though it were PRE formatted, when in fact the indentation was not enough to trigger that formatting. Not that whitespace is significant, because we all know it's not. But we'll pretend.

  • Fixed a bug in which Markdown link text in list items was not colored as it should have been.

  • The default internal character classes now include word characters that lie outside of the normal US-ASCII range; among other things this allows text completion to work in documents where the language is other than "none".

  • Corrected appearance of status and navigation bar popup menu items on retina displays.

  • Fixed bug in which the "OK" button in the options for Process Lines Containing, Sort Lines, and Process Duplicate Lines text factory options was disabled when it shouldn't have been.