BBEdit 11.1 Release Notes

BBEdit 11.1 is a feature update, which adds significant new features (in addition to those introduced in BBEdit 11.0) and which also includes fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 11, please see its release notes.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).


BBEdit 11.1 requires Mac OS X 10.8.5 or later


  • BBEdit now has built-in support for Git. There is a Git menu in the menu bar, which presents available operations (most of which may only be enabled when the active document corresponds to a file that is in a local Git working copy).

    The intent is not to function as a full-featured Git GUI, but rather to support common file operations so that you can perform tasks on the file(s) you're working on in BBEdit without having to switch to the command line or a dedicated GUI client.

  • BBEdit now supports the EditorConfig settings file convention. You can learn more about this at the EditorConfig web site, and complete details on BBEdit's support for EditorConfig are available in this technical note.

  • The Editing preferences have been rearranged slightly, so that "Include dictionary words in completion list" is now properly grouped with the rest of the completion settings. There is a new setting for completion: "Include system text replacements in completion list". When enabled, system-wide Text Replacement triggers (configured in the "Keyboard" system preferences) beginning with the text you typed will now appear on the completions popup.

  • There's a new (dynamic) command on the File menu: "Save All in Window". The factory default keyboard equivalent is Command-Option-Shift-S. This is enabled if any (or the only) document in the front window has unsaved changes; choosing it will save all documents in the front window.

  • Added a couple of alternate forms of bblmAddFunctionToList() to the language module interface to make it easier to write code for the common use case of adding a single function by name.

  • The bbedit command-line tool supports two new options: --append and --prepend. These will append (or prepend, respectively) the piped data to the active document. See man bbedit for more details.

  • Added an expert pref, to suppress following of all URLs in live preview windows:

    defaults write -app BBEdit DontFollowLinksInLivePreviews -bool YES

    When this is set, clicking on any link will have no effect, and any URLs returned by remote form loads (such as Twitter's tracking) will not open in a web browser when a live preview is loaded or reloaded.

  • The CSS/SCSS language module is all new. Folding, keyword coloring, function navigation, and completion have all been improved. Various bugs are fixed.

  • Added a new command to the first section of the Search menu: "Search in Document’s Folder" (its title when disabled). When a text document is active in the front window, this command is enabled and will activate the Multi-File Search window with the document's enclosing folder selected as the search location. (The name and path to the folder are displayed in the menu.)

  • The "Arrange" item on the Window menu now presents a submenu with all of the available arrangements. Choosing one will apply it; for any that you use frequently, you can assign a keyboard shortcut in the application's "Menus & Shortcuts" preferences.

  • A new language module for EditorConfig files is now built in, with syntax coloring and section navigation (via the function navigation menu).

  • The INI language module has been rewritten, and provides improved navigation as well as folding.


  • The application will no longer use the TUTX, utxt, or UTF8 HFS file type codes as determinants of the text encoding used inside the document.

  • The single-purpose "Subversion" action bar item has been removed from disk browser and project windows. The contextual-menu items remain.

  • The "Go To Line" panel has been rewritten; and you can now enter a line number of the form "xx:yy", in which the "yy" is a character offset into the destination line. If the character offset exceeds the number of characters on the line, the insertion point will be placed at the end of the line.

  • Changed the "Include" options in the Create Table Shell sheet to read "Add", to make their purpose clearer.

  • The "Go To Next Conflict/Go To Previous Conflict" commands that were on the Subversion and Perforce menus have been consolidated into a single pair of "Previous Conflict" and "Next Conflict" on the Go menu, and will find conflict markers for Subversion, Perforce, and Git in the active document (all three systems use the same conflict marker format).

  • The "Use symbol and text substitution" option has been removed from the Editing preferences as well as from the language-specific settings panel, and the previous behavior (automaticaly inserting substitutions) has been consigned to the dustbin of history.

  • "Rename" in project windows is now retitled as "Rename in Project", and the panel in which you enter the item's new name now makes it clear that renaming it in the project does not affect the item on disk. (It never did.)

  • Subversion contextual-menu commands are now hidden when the selected item(s) are not part of a Subversion working copy.

  • Made some changes to generation and management of preview temporary files (when using Markup -> Preview [in a web browser]):

    • When possible, the temp file is given a name derived from the document's name, and created in the same directory as the document. This way you can preview multiple files from the same directory without them stepping on each other.

    • If the document has not been saved to disk, it will be created in a temporary-items location designated by the OS.

    • It is now possible to preview non-HTML files in web browsers with the same results as live previews ("Preview in BBEdit").

    • Saving or closing the document will delete the preview temp file.

  • When generating a table shell (Markup -> Tables -> Create Table Shell), BBEdit will now generate <thead> and <tbody> containers if "Add table header" is turned on.

  • "Move Lines Up", "Move Lines Down", and "Delete Lines" are now enabled for multi-line selections, even when the selection does not end on a line break. (Whole lines are still moved or deleted.)

  • Changed the way we launch Dash so that it can decide whether it wants to be in the foreground, or not.

  • The File -> New -> HTML Document dialog box has been modernized, mostly to work around OS cosmetic bugs.

  • If a project is open which contains site settings, File -> New -> HTML document will take its initial values from those settings.

  • Removed vestigial "Change clipping set to match document's language" from the Languages preferences.

  • The fourth command on the Search menu is now always "Search in Project or Disk Browser" (its title when disabled). It is only available when a project or disk browser is the active window, and when enabled displays either the project's name or the root directory of the disk browser. Selecting this command will activate the Multi-File Search window with the appropriate item selected as the search location.

  • The previous "Arrange" item on the Window menu has been renamed to "Cascade Windows" to describe what it does. The modified version to "Tile Two Front Windows" remains available, on the Arrange submenu.

  • In Differences windows, BBEdit now applies a heavy underline to any differing text ranges within the selected difference entry (using the active color scheme's "Plain Text" color), which should be easier to read under a wider variety of circumstances than the previous highlighting.


  • Fixed a bug in which a memory error would occur when trying to undo after backspacing over a printable character immediately adjacent to one or more combining (or other zero-width) characters.

  • Fixed crash which would occur in situations where the Application Support/BBEdit/Setup folder didn't exist and couldn't be created.

  • Messed with the control flow in keyboard input so that keys that we don't explicitly handle will cause an error to be returned to the OS, such that it redispatches they keyboard gesture as needed. Among other things, this allows the Escape key to exit full-screen mode; as long as you have turned off “Emulate Emacs key bindings” in BBEdit’s Keyboard preferences.

  • Fixed crashes and other misbehaviors that would occur when attempting to use the Setup window, but the permissions on your Application Support/BBEdit/ folder were so b0rked that the Setup folder couldn't be created.

  • The "Setup" command and other commands that route to it (e.g. "Manage Bookmarks", "Manage Patterns", "Manage File Filters") are now disabled if the Setup folder is unusable (per the above).

  • Removed the file filter for the Hex Dump file picker; previously you could hold down the Option key to enable any file type, but nobody knew that.

  • If a button in the Find or Multi-File Search window has no keyboard equivalent, it will now show no tooltip (instead of an empty one).

  • Fixed a bug in which the "untitled N" count would be wrong after restoring application state which involved untitled documents.

  • Fixed bug in which New -> Shell Worksheet would always make a new window for the worksheet document, rather than putting it into the front document window if the preference so indicated.

  • Fixed bug in which syntax coloring was disabled in Perforce commit form windows.

  • Fixed a bug in conversion of the old .bbcolors color scheme format, which would lead to occasional incorrect color choices when using those schemes after conversion.

  • Legacy color schemes (which don't contain settings for a great many of the new color types introduced in 11.0) are now updated to include reasonable default settings for colors that they didn't previously specify. The defaults are drawn from the factory "BBEdit Light" or "BBEdit Dark" color scheme, depending on whether the color scheme being converted is likewise light or dark.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when attempting to quit the application (usually via a system-wide Log Out, Restart, or Shut Down command) while it was in the middle of restoring previously saved state.

  • Fixed bug in which "Find All Misspelled Words" would fail to do so.

  • Fixed bug in which editing inside of a PHP heredoc string would result in it being colored incorrectly.

  • Made a change to prevent the Pretty Print format option from inserting line breaks before or after tags occurring within a <pre>...</pre> tag pair.

  • Adjusted the default comment delimiters for Lasso.

  • Fixed bug in which the wrong error was reported when trying to apply a Unix filter whose #! line pointed to something that didn't exist.

  • Fixed bug in which --resume didn't work in the bbedit and bbdiff command-line tools.

  • Fixed crash which would occur when the HTML syntax checker attempted to validate a valueless attribute.

  • Added a color setting for Perl POD sections. The built-in color schemes have been updated; if you are not using one of those, then you will need to manually update your own color scheme with the new setting.

  • Made an adjustment so that non-zero-width Unicode combining characters are no longer drawn as invisibles.

  • Fixed bug in which Xcode project enumeration would miss files contained in internally generated project groups of a previously unobserved type.

  • Fixed bug in which using the "Hard Wrap" sheet would not scroll the selection range into view after wrapping completed, which was a problem when wrapping with the insertion point at the end of a very long line.

  • Fixed cosmetic in the Subversion "choose a working copy" dialog boxes when no previous WC had been chosen.

  • When interpreting image metadata, unprintable characters are now stripped out of the comment string, to avoid cases in which images with junk metadata caused generation of a junk alt attribute in the markup panel.

  • Fixed bug in which SGML unparsed character data (CDATA) sections were colored using a distinct color for which no setting was available. The default color for CDATA sections is now the same as the foreground text color, and may be changed via the "SGML unparsed character data (CDATA)" setting under "General" in the Text Colors preferences. The factory supplied color schemes have been updated accordingly.

  • Markup tools batch operations (Check Syntax, Check Links, Update Placeholders, Update Images, and deployment) will now skip over temporary files that have been generated for browser previews.

  • Fixed bug in which the CSS "Text" panel would inappropriately rewrite the value for the text-align property, as text-align.

  • Fixed bug in CSS box-model markup which would cause incorrect generation when entering a value in the "all sides" field.

  • Tabs in search results text are now replaced with nonbreaking spaces when being displayed in the results list.

  • Using -- to end option parsing in the command-line tools now ends it for all options, not just options beginning with a single hyphen.

  • Negative values for line number increments (in Add/Remove Line Numbers) no longer become unsigned.

  • Corrected error reporting when deleting a single item fails in an FTP/SFTP browser window.

  • The text factory options for directing the output of Process Duplicate Lines in a text factory to the clipboard or a new document are now correctly disabled.

  • Fixed bug in which both function menus in a Differences results window would display the functions in the document which had keyboard focus.

  • Fixed bug in which the HTML pretty printer would strip empty attribute values.

  • Fixed bug in which comparing two documents for which a Differences window was already open, but the comparison was in a different new/old order, would inappropriately bring that window to the front instead of creating a new Differences window.

  • Fixed bug in Grep search pattern coloring in which character escapes and metacharacter sequences were not colored when used inside of character classes.

  • Fixed bug in which the CSS "Format" command would damage the contents of @rules which contained comments.

  • Fixed a small bug in the Javascript language module. Auto-folding would get confused if you compared something with the Function keyword using the === operator.

  • Added rem, vw, vh, vmin, vmax units (where applicable) to the CSS markup dialogs.

  • The "file is open" test for filtering during multi-file search and text factory operations is now deferred until later in the testing process, which might help improve performance in situations where an extremely large number of documents is open.

  • Made a change to further improve file filtering performance for multi-file search and Text Factory application, by ruling out image files and "audiovisual" content (sound files and movies) when "Text Files Only" is turned on.

  • Added try and except to the Object Pascal keyword lists, and the function scanner now recognizes them for purposes of maintaining block structure.

  • Fixed bug in which modifications of Return or Enter would do things in the "Insert Clipping" panel other than insert clippings.

  • Removed some obsolete items from the Expert Preferences help, and made a couple of layout fixes.

  • Fixed bug in which the Current Function item in the navigation bar didn't correctly update its width when switching between documents.

  • Fixed case errors and omissions for some subsets of PHP predefined names.

  • Worked around a bug in OS X 10.10 (18930264) which would cause historical backups to fail if the BBEdit Backups folder was a Finder alias to some other location.

  • Fixed a layout glitch in the sheet for customizing per-language editor settings.

  • Added an empty string as BBLMCommentLineDefault for HTML and related languages, so that customizing any per-language settings no longer breaks Un/Comment of a single line.

  • Fixed bug in which using "New Project…" to create a new project over an existing one would report a -48 error.

  • Adjusted the colors used for sub-line differences results to be derived from the actual highlight colors, rather than simply flipping the active and inactive colors.

  • OS X 10.10.3 fixes the "creeping file panel" problem (18785168), so our internal workaround for same is limited to 10.10 through 10.10.2.

  • The Un/Comment command now special-cases Fortran, and will preserve the column spacing at the beginning of the line when adding or removing the comment character.

  • Fixed bug in which the display in the Keyboards & Shortcuts preferences wouldn't correctly update when changing shortcuts in some situations.

  • If you put a ridiculous value into the wrap limit field for the Hard Wrap dialog, it will now be clipped to something else ridiculous rather than overflowing to a negative value.

  • Live-flashing navigation with the arrow keys no longer causes the Text Statistics status item to change during the live highlighting of matching parentheses.

  • Fixed bug in which dragging text into or within one of the fields of the Find or Multi-File Search windows would have unintended results.