BBEdit 9.0.1 Release Notes

This page documents all feature enhancements and bug fixes included in the BBEdit 9.0.1 update.

For details on all the new features and enhancements offered by BBEdit 9.0, please see its release notes.

For information on changes made in previous versions, please see the release notes archive.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit’s features, please refer to the user manual (choose “User Manual” from BBEdit’s Help menu).


BBEdit 9.0.1 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

This version is a Universal application: it runs natively on both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs.


* The “Open in Additional Window” command (in the View menu) is now available in browser

* Project documents now track the visibility of the toolbar with the rest of the UI state.


* Fixed a bug where results windows weren’t correctly re-used if
they were displaying a document.

* Fixed a bug where automatic language switching via pasting
incorrectly set the “manually set” flag to true, which prevented
automatic language switching for untitled documents at save

* Fixed a bug where text completion didn’t work correctly in the
INI File langauage module.

* Predefined names are now completed in a case insensitive
fashion (which makes them consistent with the rest of the
completion sources).

* Fixed a bug where codeless language modules didn’t complete
from the provided BBLMPredefinedNameList.

* Fixed a bug where double-clicking a document in the Finder
would inappropriately open it in a project window with a closed
editor if that project window was frontmost.

* Fixed a bug where opening multiple files from a project window
with the attached editor closed ignored the document handling
pref and opened the documents grouped in a multi-document

* Fixed a regression where double clicking on a file in a disk
browser didn’t open the file in the first z-ordered text window
(spawned a new window) if the multi-document window pref was

* Starting a search with Return/Enter will select all the text in
the focused text view when using the modeless find windows.

* The “wrap around” indicator is less aggressive about when it
appears; it will appear for wrap around searches with a positive
result, but will be suppressed for the not found case. (In that
case, you’ll get a beep or the usual not found visual

* Fixed a bug where the “wrap around” indicator always appeared
on the main screen.

* Fixed a bug where the current line highlight was
inappropriately used in the find dialog text fields.

* Fixed a bug where “Open in Additional Window” incorrectly
cleared the undo stack for the document.

* Fixed a regression where piping to BBEdit didn’t mark the new
document as dirty.

* Moved the “Other…” button in the Find Multiple window to the
top of its button stack.

* Fixed a bug where the text completion panel could, in certain
situations, “chase” you across the page as you typed rather than
auto dismiss once you typed off the range of text being

* Removed the “Create New Document” checkbox from the New HTML
Document dialog.

* Fixed a situation where the completion panel could appear
inappropriately after a save event.

* Stationery menu and palette changes:

* files without the stationery bit are no longer listed
* stationery files with no HFS type but a suitable filename extension appear, as they should

* Attempting to save a document as stationery no longer results in
an Apple Event error.

* When computing completions from the front document’s contents,
BBEdit will not offer results consisting entirely of decimal
digits (0-9). When computing completions from ctags, predefined
names, or the system dictionary, BBEdit will not attempt to
complete partial names consisting entirely of decimal digits

* Fixed a bug which caused the textual description of a difference pair
to always be “Changed lines” instead of sometimes being “Extra

* Corrections to the line ranges array generation for the diff

* Fixed bug in which the license panel was displayed when
bringing the app to the front after having previously entered a
serial number.

* Small cosmetic change to the progress window for multi-file
search and text factory execution.

* Corrected missing preferences help search keys.

* Fixed a bug which caused the Software Update preference to be
read, but never written.

* Fixed a regression which made preferences searching case sensitive

* Preserve case when reporting an attribute value case error in
the XHTML syntax checker.

* Improved the behavior of Save/Copy as Styled HTML/Styled Text
when using custom text color preferences with a non-white

* Codeless Language Modules now suppress the spelling dictionary
as a completion source outside of strings or comments. (This
matches the default behavior for the built-in languages.)

* Adjusted the layout/border metrics of the text document
accessory view for the save panel.

* Fixed a crash which could occur when closing a document with
certain input methods active, or the typography panel open.

* Fixed a crash which would occur when changing the clipping set
if a floating window (such as Insert Clipping) had keyboard

* Fixed a performance problem while typing in large HTML files
due to overhead from the HTML function parser, plus misc. other

* Fixed a crash which could occur when invoking Tag Maker at the
top level of a document with a synthetic root element (via

* Fixed bug which could cause noticeable lags when working with
documents on extremely high-latency file systems (like sshfs or

* Fixed a crash doing Find Definition with no selected text.

* Fixed crash which would occur when trying to autocomplete using
ctags on Mac OS X 10.4.×.

* Fixed crash with nested save panel invocations for the same

* Fixed bug in which syntax coloring in ActionScript documents
would get out of whack during editing.

* Fixed hang in the Ruby module when presented with incomplete
interpretive string blocks.

* Fixed bug in which syntax coloring in VBScript inside of HTML
documents would get out of whack during editing.

* Fixed bug in which a certain sequence of selection/deselection
in a multi-file Find Differences results window would cause
BBEdit to start opening up disk browsers.

* Fixed bug in which name-based file filters would fail if the
file’s name contained characters that couldn’t be mapped to a
single-byte representation in the application’s text encoding.

* Fixed bug in which the items in Saved Search Sources didn’t
appear in the summary when doing a multi-file search, nor were
they applied when starting the search.

* Fixed bug in which SFTP connections to certain servers would
fail and report a 22807 error.

* Fixed bug which rendered Application Support folder syncing