BBEdit 15.1 Release Notes

BBEdit 15.1 contains fixes for reported issues.

For details on all the new features and enhancements available in BBEdit 15, please see the release notes for BBEdit 15.0.

Because BBEdit 15 builds on features that were added during the BBEdit 14 cycle (as well as previous versions), please take a few moments to browse the release notes archive and review the release notes for any versions that you may not have seen.

To get a high-level overview of what's new in BBEdit 15, with screen shots, see the What's New in BBEdit 15 page.

For detailed information on using any of BBEdit's features, please refer to the user manual (choose "User Manual" from BBEdit's Help menu).

Important: Please make sure that you have read the BBEdit 15.0 change notes, as there are significant changes from previous versions.


BBEdit 15 requires Mac OS X 11.0 or later.

For whichever version of macOS you are using, please make sure that you have updated to the latest available OS version.

This is particularly important in the case of macOS Sonoma (14.x), which contains bugs and regressions that affect BBEdit's operation.


If you have been using any previous version of BBEdit in Free Mode, starting BBEdit 15.0 will reset your 30-day evaluation period, so that you can have a full trial of the new features.

If you have previously purchased a license from us for BBEdit 14 or older, you will have a full 30-day evaluation period in which to try out BBEdit 15's new features. License upgrades are available at a discount for existing customers, and some customers may be eligible for a free upgrade (based on date of purchase). Please see the BBEdit upgrades page for information and instructions.


  • "ChatGPT Worksheets" are branching out; the renamed "AI Chat Worksheet" preferences provide settings to select alternative services. Included with the application are service models for ChatGPT, Claude, and Ollama.

    You can also add your own services and endpoints, as long as they use an API that is compatible with OpenAI's (or close enough that BBEdit can't tell the difference). Information on how to do this is provided in this technical note.

    The title of the command on the New submenu of the file menu will reflect the currently selected default service, e.g. "New ChatGPT Worksheet", "New Claude Worksheet", "New Ollama Worksheet".

    The status bar item for AI worksheets shows the service name along with the model name. You can switch services in an AI chat worksheet, and also clear the chat/response history if desired. (This may be necessary in cases where enough history accumulates that the service rejects or limits request lengths.)

    Changing services requires clearing the history.

  • Added a "Decompose Unicode" transformation.

  • Added a setting to the "Expert" settings panel list so that it only shows values that have been changed from their factory defaults.

  • Added binding points for the remaining dynamic commands on the "Insert" submenu to the Menus & Shortcuts preferences.

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  • Rearranged the Languages preferences panel to make more room for custom language settings as well as for customized filename extension mappings.

  • Improved soft wrapping behavior when wrapping to the Page Guide and a variable-pitch font is in use. (Note that when using such a font, the notion of wrapping to a fixed number of characters doesn't apply, so the actual position of the page guide is approximated.)

  • BBEdit will now try to automatically guess JSON, so that if you paste some into an untitled document, you won't have to remember to manually set the language if you want to use "Reformat Document" to pretty-print it.

  • Reworked the default placement and size of new document windows; they are now centered in the main display and occupy a less-than-total fraction of the available display height.

  • If a file is opened from inside of the Xcode platform/SDK tree, the document path in the navigation bar will be condensed to elide irrelevant path elements, in order to save space.

  • When the mouse is over an area where single-clicking selects a line, BBEdit will change the cursor to a reversed arrow. (This restores an old feature that went out with the bathwater a long time ago.)

  • Assigned keyboard equivalents (as configured in the Menus & Shortcuts preferences) are stored now as a JSON file, which should work around macOS APIs crashing if the old binary plist format gets corrupted or conflicted.

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  • Fixed bug in which "Update Site" on a project might generate incorrect results for site-relative placeholders (such as REAL_URL) when multiple projects were open and the affected files were present in more than one of the open projects.

  • Fixed misfeature in which PHP superglobal references were colored as predefined symbols, which prevented double-click variable selection from working for them.

  • Fixed crash at startup which would occur with certain malformations in ~/.zshrc.

  • Changes to improve performance when iterating large directories in disk browsers and project window folder listings.

  • Made some performance improvements to the "is a Zip archive" and "is a tarball" tests.

  • Prompts sent to the chat API are now stored in the history only after the API responds affirmatively. This ensures API behavior correctness in the wake of errors (timeouts, account limits, or otherwise).

  • Restored the ability to configure keyboard equivalents for Insert Time Stamp (short and long) and Insert Page Break that was lost in rearchitecture with 15.0.

  • Fixed a typo in an error message that might occur while trying to install the command line tools.

  • Fixed bug when stutter-clicking on the "+" menu button under the per-language settings in the Languages preferences.

  • Corrected omission of the feed ARIA role from the global attribute value list.

  • Changing the page guide width in the Preferences will trigger rewrapping in documents for which Soft Wrap Text is turned on and Page Guide is selected as the limit.

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